Thursday, April 12, 2007

A moment I have to share

I made a trip to the washroom at work today after all the electricians left this morning to electrocute themselves or one of our clients.

As an aside, I bought two huge cases of toliet paper for the washroom, that sit right in front of the toliet in the stall. It is clearly marked "toliet paper." Normally I have a 12 pack of toliet paper in it's plastic casing sitting on the floor for their conveience. But, I changed the rules, and thought they could figure it out that once the old toliet paper, in it's old plastic casing had run out, they could just help themselves to those in the big box. Apparently not.

When I entered the stall, I looked down into the toliet, and found that someone had not flushed down a pile of poo. Nor had someone used toliet paper. It was all feces. Someone, could not figure out how to take a roll of toliet paper out of a box (clearly marked ASSWIPE) and decided to wear in his shorts. Now, would I want to be this guys partner for the day in the electrican world?

Nay, Nay I say, someone had a dirty ass today
I don't want to be with him on the jobsite today..hey hey

Sing with me, it's now the official Electricians song!!

Can you imagine him at home?? If his wife doesn't put toliet paper on the roll, he will just squeeze it out and hope for the best? It's pathetic.

Maybe he took a dump right here? I'm getting jaded.

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