Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm scaling it down

You know, I'm not giving this blog as much as attention as I should be. I'm in a slump. And I apologize for not giving it my all. But my vague attempts at humour these days are very weak, and not coming from my heart. And it shows.

I still read all of the blogs listed on my sidebar and many more every day, but my spirit is so low somedays I don't even leave comments when I should.

Since Gord had his H.A. heh...I almost said it, I have been busting my ass after work making sure the meals we eat for supper and preparing for the next day at lunch are "heart friendly"...and it is sucking the life blood out of me. I am in the stores reading labels like ass ...and reading web sites for heart smart recipes, I am totally out of control. I have to lighten up. I can't take this anymore. I am tired, and I am starting to look old.

Hippychick was over on Saturday, and asked me if I had lost weight. I was thrilled, someone had finally noticed, until she said, she could see my jowls were getting flabby looking. I should smile more, then you couldn't see it. Obviously tact is not one of her strong traits. And never was!! (Janis, it's okay, I took it with a grain of salt and a glass of wine).

So, I will be scaling down, and I will miss writing every other day or so, but unless I give my blog my best effort I see it is pointless to subject you to meaningless crap. (with spelling mistakes) Oh, I forgot, most of it was meaningless, but what I meant .. was more meaningless, pointless stuff. oops, most of it was pointless too, okay...you know what I mean. I mixing myself up.

We will put balonie to bed for awhile. After all she was my alter ego, and now she has seemed to disappear. Life hands you lemons sometimes and you have to wait for the sweeter stuff to reappear.

Hopefully, I can get my act together. With work and all I just feel drained.

So, I will try to get a blog out once a week or so and make it worth your while to tune in. I just can't keep up the pace.

Love Joan & ms.balonie.

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