Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm sitting outside on the deck blogging

My dream has come true.

I bought the laptop for just this reason. I don't have all my patio furniture out yet, so it's still a little tight. This table is too small, but I have to wait until the trees shed all their crap until I can put the good stuff out. It's still pretty ugly out there. This is so cool, I can hear the ducks mating next door, in the neighbours pool, and I just had a wee little birdie take a bath in my birdie bath, and he never even noticed me. God, I love spring. Now more than ever. Still trying to shake off the winter blues and dust off my shoulders.

I didn't have a whole lot to do, and Penny was bugging me for attention, so I took in the back 40 and made her work for her supper.

I teased the crapola out of her...por Penny Loafer...

I put her ball in the empty pond, which scares her. But she got it out. Most of all she didn't like her new Spring Bandana. It kept on turning around and poking her in the eyes. Aha, the better for me to throw the ball where you can't see it.

Then to be really mean, I stuck her ball in a tree where she couldn't get it. She was displeased. So, I did it about 30 times. Shut up, she needs the exercise...barking gets the heart rate up. And then again in an empty bird bath.

Then I put it on top of the shed. Yup, I am a mean sumofabitch. More cardio.

Just a note...I live close to the river, and it must be feeding time for the gulls, holy shit it's loud.

Okay, let's get back to annoying my dog. I put the ball on the fire pit. More howling and tantrums. She can't take a joke.

I was running out of high places to put the damn ball, but she was having a great time following me around howling her little head off. She was having fun. Until...I put it on the composter. I think there are dead things in there from last year. We don't usually look in it because...because there is old and dirty stuff in there, and we are not good citizens of the earth. For all we know our neighbours put dead bodies in there during the winter. We shun it. Recyling is okay, but composting takes it up another notch.

Well, it's getting kind of crispy out here as the sun is starting to set. Penny is sitting in between my legs looking for a little warmth, amd loving being out here with me instead of the house.

Gord just got home, and we are having pizza on a whole wheat crust, and some yummy strawberry low fat crap I made.

Life is good. And I thank God everyday we have.

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