Sunday, April 15, 2007

Taxes..kiss my royal canadian arse

I am finished with the taxes!!! I took Friday off to do the last of it, and just ripped off a Profit and Loss statement an hour ago for the accountant. I hope my nose does not continue to grow, because by the time I give it to him, I may not be able to get into the door. I did not embellish, I have receipts for everything, if buying $50,000.00 dollars worth of lawn seed counts. Well, we do have lawns to maintain in front of our properties. My nose, now has grown so long it is impeding my fingers from typing an longer. Okay, so...I might have to make an adjustment to the P&L just so I can eat supper tonight without my long lying nose poking around in my plate. Nothing worse than a nostril in your salad.

Anyway, I am so glad to be rid of that crap. But do you think 20,000.00 dollars a year is unrealistic for parking fees? Okay, back to the P&L. heh

Then I turned into a man, who was about to say ..."just fuck it already." I know how the tax man grabbeth. I have a very hairy face. Hormones..too much chicken.

I'm still loosing weight, I hit 148 lbs. this morning!!! Yahoo. Usually I can do a pound a week, but this one took me two weeks. I only weigh myself on Sunday mornings, just so I don't get disappointed during the week by doing it too often. It's a good thing I didn't throw out all the clothes I had before. I threw out crap stuff, but not the stuff I really loved. And they all have a hood, except my pants that is! Yesterday I wore a hoodie velour top (my very fav) that I have not got into since 2002. In 2002 I tore a stomach muscle, and wasn't able to do anything other than get from point A to point B, and it bothered me for years. So, I became very couch potatoish because I didn't want it to flair up again. Thus the weight gain. But, the fatter I got, more pressure was sitting on my tummy and always made me feel uncomfortable. So, I always wore a support around my stomach. As of two weeks ago, I threw it out. Once most of the flab was gone, I didn't have the feeling that it would come back to haunt me. I think I just used it as a crutch for the longest of time, because that was the closest I ever got to not being able to do anything, and I was scared.

I never figured out how I tore the stomach muscle, but I think I know now. I have not ever been particularily active, and I had been gaining some weight around then.
That morning, I put on a freshly washed pair a jeans that felt very tight. I could hardly do them up. So, I sucked it up, and got the zipper closed...and proceeded to to go down and do knee bends to get the jeans to relax a bit in the tummy area. I think I did about ten of them, and by the time I got to work, I could feel that something was wrong. And that my friends gave me years of grief. Something blew. As long as I was sitting or sleeping I was fine, but walking was terrible. It didn't really hurt, but it pulled and pulled and I was so uncomfortable that I had to sit down every few minutes. I even had a cleaning lady come in because I couldn't stand long enough to do the cleaning. I tried to fake it after I felt better, but Gord caught on..!!

I was going to take pic's today of Penny and the "back 40", but it looks so gross right now, with all the broken branches, and ugly shit I thought I would leave it for a better time.

I took up my little (spring time patio table) so we could sit around that until we bring out the big guy. It's too early, today was the first day you could really go out without a parka. The neighbours were all out there doing their barbeques, and it smelled heavenly. So, it feels like we are back to normal.

Sunday night supper:

A very large chicken, filled with hormones (I need that now since I am loosing weight and my tits are getting smaller).

Wild Rice Medley

Steamed beans, carrots, and broccoli with a dill and lemon sauce.

Now, youse guys have a good day y'hear. Balonie was here a minute ago, but I stompted her stinking little head into the the plastic carpet protecter under my desk. I'm hoping those little picky things will poke some sense into her head, because she was ready to rumble.

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