Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Same shit

You know, the Health Care System and Doctor's, suck big balls!!! Balls way bigger than one could possibly suck. You would need a gymoungous? pie hole.

If you are a Newbie to it, it even sucks further. Gord had his INCIDENT in the last week of February, and after he left the hospital he was to see his own doctor 5 days later. Appointment was duly made, and he attended it. Docf*up informed him, that the only info he had from the hospital was his stress test, nothing else. Then Docf*up said, he would have to come back in three weeks, as he was going on holidays.......gahhhhhhhhhhh... "just take your med's he said." This is the guy Gord went for help at Christmas time when he felt like shit. He went through a battery of tests, and then we never were called back with any results.

Apparently, there must have been something wrong then already.

Today Gord had the follow up appointment after Docf*up got back from holidays. Guess what, the hospital had still not sent him the reports. Either he has a poor filing system, or the hospital sucks.

Gord needs some closure to this, and have his Doctor either increase, decrease, elimate some of the med's. OR...holy moly, let's not get crazy here, but refer him to a Cardiologist. We are talking over a month here now people, without anything but what we were told at the hospital. His med's seem to be working fine, but he is having weird dreams from one of the beta blockers. (which he was told at the hospital). But I could tell today he was very disappointed he was not able to express his fears and questions to someone that knows what he is going through. Docf*up said he would contact the hospital immediately to get his records.

He needs someone to explain the entire situation to him, so he can move on. He is feeling really great, but as he told me today, he worries about every little pain or whatever near his chest. And that is normal. I know. So, once the doc gets all the stuff, we are still on a holding pattern.

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