Sunday, April 08, 2007

long time no see amigos

I have started 8976 blogs this week and not finished a one. I spent the whole long weekend doing our taxes creatively. Why should I bore them with the same ole every year, why not make it interesting? Our expenses exceeded our sales by such a huge margin this year it even scared me. I guess I should stop expensing dog food and wine. However, they are work related, the dog watches me do the bookwork, while I drink the wine. Makes sense to me. I was so engrossed in my pile of papers today I forgot to do the laundry. I'll be looking at that same pair of panties I wore today when I go to work tomorrow. Perhaps, I should just by-pass them all together and do a Britney Spears. I don't think anyone at the office would notice I wasn't wearing underpants through my MOM jeans. Unless those young whippersnappers have been eyeing my pantylines. Could happen, some of them look pretty desperate.

Not to much going on around here that is interesting. OHHHH, I forgot the basement quit flooding, if that is interesting. It sure is a relief. Now we have to figure out a way to fix it. I say, patch it up, put a slab of paneling on the wall where we tore it off and sell the house to the next unsuspecting home owner. I have no conscious. I give a hairy rats ass at this point. Too much shit slamming me in the head at one time. But, I hope they like the lovely blue carpet down there, along with my Elvis Velvet Art paintings. Our whole house is so 80's it's a crime, A CRIME I SAY! .. and I don't have ANY time to fix it up. It's not really in a whole pile of disrepair, but what is...bugs the shit out of me.

A funny thing happened in our bathroom Saturday morning: heh

Gord will kill me if he reads this..heh heh once more.

We got up late, and because we were both too lazy to go to separate bathrooms (one is downstairs) we chose to cohabitate the upstairs one. He was doing his business and reading the newspaper on the shitter, and I was brushing my teeth at the sink. I had already had my shower.

I was just minding my business and brushing away at my teeth, when I noticed he flushed the toilet while sitting on it, kindly taking the fumes to another level. And he proceeded to keep on reading the paper.......... until he jumped up off the toilet like a jack rabbit! My first reaction was he must have got bitten by an alligator! After he flushed, and while he was sitting there, the toilet must have started to overflow, and when the water reached his dangling participles he shot up like someone had lit a firecracker under his arse!!! I laughed my friggin ass off!! Good thing he caught the shut off valve soon enough or we would have had a pile of crap to clean up!! Lord, that was funny.

The reason the toilet overflowed was the night before he had bad allergies, and was sneezing all the time, so he took all his kleenex's from the bedroom and put them in the toilet BEFORE he sat down and when it came time to was just too much pressure and pushed it up to his ass. HAAA ha. I never saw anyone jump up that fast. I am glad he didn't have another incident!!haaa I'm still laughing. Nakid guy..jumping off a toilet..harrrrr..

Sunday night supper..yeah you guessed it POT. Opps I meant Pot roast, with cawwots, (the easter bunny factor) beans (to git the gasses out) and taters. I'm too tired to get creative. Home cooked, low fat, what more can I do. This balonie is a tuckered out. Over and out of your face:)

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