Friday, July 27, 2007

Anyone wanna play Stupidoku

I gots it. It's on my side bar. Fortheloveofmike, I gotta create some traffic to my site. Obviously my day to day whining is not doing what it otter. Just kidding, I found it while ummmm looking for a new template (just in case this one crashes again). Ilost all my other shit.

JimBob don't get your short tied up in a knot. OKAY, I will confess, I was trying out new ones when the one I loved the most broke my slashed it in two. It was called peaches and ice-cream and it was so yummy looking even a hardened criminal would have gone straight. I thought JimBob would be so impressed he might let me off the hook.

For some reason, I could see it at work, but not when I got home...I saw it right away when I got home and it was black and ugly. It appreared black to special K too..I don't know what the hell is up with that. Oh well, just some more egg on my big face. Do I owe JimBob for trying and failing? What says you? I'm willing to part with 5 bucks merican if I broke the rules. But, I don't remember any agreement that I could not experiment with templates and fail. This is called back peddling, I am an expert at that.

Just so's youse guys know, I am still into cooking new things and such, I'd like to share a story.

On Thursday I decided to make a Greek Salad, and like I said some posts ago, I don't make a lot of different salads other than a lettuce salad. I bought all the right stuff from the recipe I was following including feta cheese. I was standing in the kitchen, slicing and dicing all the veggies, and finally it came time for the cheese part. The cheese came in a container that had some annoying fucking clips on each side. I broke off one clip and tried to open it, then found another clip on the other side, broke that off, and I still could not open the container. By now this balonie was gettin a leetle testy. I twisted and turned, and finally after I stopped with the hula hoop shit, I found all you have to do is pry the lid off. Very easy, a baby could have figured that out.

I am a smeller. I smell everything before it goes into my food. So, I lifted the container to my nose.........and then unbeknowest to me all the water or residue that those fucking Greeks put in the container went straight down my shirt, into my bra, and down my pants!!!!

I smelled ripe. A trillion flies poured in my patio door seekng the source, which was me. I slammed the patio door shut, ran to the bathroom and had a shower. Later, I took my shirt, pants and bra and hung them over the patio to dry because I was not about to put them in the washer for one stinking little load. It was a peacefull evening after that, because the dog wouldn't leave the spot they were hanging and all the flies were sitting on my clothes. Problem solved. When they were finally dry I threw them on the deck, and Penny screwed them with all her heart and soul. Nothing like the smell of old cheese to get a dogs rocks off. She is still looking at the deck to see if they are still there.

We are having Greek Salad again tonight, and being as consistant as I usually am, Penny will once more get her jollys. You just can't do enough for your pets.

Or is it just me....???

It is so beautiful out here on my deck tonight, I wish you could see it. I have the sprinklers going and it looks like a private paradise with all the greenery.

I am on holiday all next week until the next Tuesday. I can feel my blood pressure lowering....time for me. Time to get my shit together.

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