Monday, July 02, 2007

I know Gord's going to kill me...but

You see, I just got a brandnewspanking camera. My old digital was so slow, it ate batteries up like they were tasty pieces of flesh, and were costing me shit piles of money. So of course I have been testing it all day. Penny, won't come near me anymore, wait till she wants to take a pic of me, I just just won't be available.

Check this out...but don't tell Gord..he's got his pants down. ahhhahhha

It's kind of dark, but he is reading the newspaper in the shitter with the dog doing guard duty. I have to get a little more aquainted with my camera, for shots in the dark.

I took a few today of my flowers in the garden.

These are the flowers from my office on my kitchen table. Try not to let the placemats change your mind about me...they were 2.95 for the set plus 4 coasters, I can live with that.

The long weekend, she has been long. I spent over two hours posting a blog on Sunday, but somehow it never showed up on my screen, so I deleted it today. It was wierd, I had changed all my sidebar stuff, but it only showed old crap until the post was deleted. I hets u blobber. It might have been the Kool-Aid I was drinking. I made a pork roast yesterday that had one of those pop up things to tell when it was cooked. It never popped by the time I thought it should have, so I made a corporate decision to remove it from it's office. Just when I took it out it popped! Damn near scared the crap out of me. Techology! It was a mighty fine roast,and much more juicer than when I leave it in oven for a fort night. My mom always said..."cook the shit out of pork or you will die." Well, we didn't, we even ate pink porky sammiches for lunch and I am living to tell the tale.

We had us some Canada Day fireworks last night around 10:00 pm. We watched the most pitifull display from our front yard that ever was. Our Community Club is only a block away and they always try to put on a show for us lazy folks that don't go downtown and see the good stuff. Every once in while they would actually get one high enough over the trees for us to see, and the crowd in the park (of probably 40) would cheer!!! Then there were the duds..many of them. The ah's and ow's tapered off, until they finally got one high enough over their heads so didn't have to take duck. It was a hit, it was bright, sparkly, and made just the right amount of firecracker noise to get every dog in the neighbourhood frantic. Obviously this was done, with one guy and a bic lighter, but it served the purpose. We brushed 4,567 mosquiotes off our extremeties and went back in the house, and sang Oh Canda. Then Gord went to the can and took a shit...which I have already documented. It was a Canada Day well spent.

Today we had a day off because Canada Day fell on a Sunday, so I utilized the day to get caught up in bookeeping for our business. On Sunday I was trying to do catch up on all that needed doing around here...I need a holiday.!!!!!! I planted all the plants my next door neighbour left for me to attend to after her husband had a stroke in April. I couldn't stand to see them so rootbound, so whether or not she likes it, they are mine now. I will kill them my way.

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