Sunday, July 29, 2007

I don't know which way is up!

It's like a steam bath out here tonight. I have to talk about the weather, because my age demographics demand it, whether.. or is that weather?.. I want to or not.

My mom, god bless her heart, could have put any TV Weatherperson to shame. You could place her in any part of Canada and the US and she would know which direction was she was facing and know the weather patterns. It was very important she knew where the sun would come up and where it would go down. I on the otherhand have no idea. Somedays I think my backyard faces the east, because the sun makes it's unwelcome entrance in my bedroom very early in the morn. But we live on a pie shape lot, and it seems to change from day to day...yes I get the fact the the sun gets lower and lower during the year, but then I forget, and get somewhat crazy.

Then when I come home for lunch at "high noon," and I'm about strap on my holster and guns to take out the "varmit" who just "did" my sister, the sun is in the South! I am in the same place I was this morning? Very confusing. After the shootemup I head back to work on my trusty steed aptly named "Horace"...And when I get to work after lunch I wonder which direction I am in sitting at my desk? It must be South, because the sun is brutal and beaming in at 58900 rays a second.

Then I have to tie Horace to his hitching pole in the back of the shop because it is shady there, so that must be North. Later in the afternoon I have to hitch Horace up again beside the shop on the other side of the building. I'm thinking that may be East, because the sun in now coming in from the West..I think. I may need a compass. Because when you are getting on in age you should know all this crap. Or at least be interested in it. I like to play it by ear and surprise myself.

Horace is cool, he makes no nevermind of my changing of hitching posts, all he cares about is a good bag of feed and a carrot. I'm in love with my new imagainary friend Horace...tommorrow is my first day of holiday and we are going riding. Me and Horace. Not Horace and I. ....heh he just nudged me...he want's top billing...OKAY HORASS... YOU WANT TO PLAY DIRTY...I won't imagine you go screw yourself. I really wanted to go riding. But not on you horses arse!

It's always something! If you can't trust a horse, who can you trust? I'm asking?

Maybe, he no understand de englais?? I might give him another chance, after a good tooth brushing.

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