Thursday, July 19, 2007

One more week and I'm going on holiday

One.more.week. Just one.more.week. Until I can sleep in, wear my underwear on my big head, play hard with my Penny, and sit on the toilet and read flyer's as long as I like. Now, that is "down time" my friends. It seems that every year that passes, my expectations shrink. Normally, I would have huge plans, go to the lake, paint the entire house, check my body for moles, you know just the everyday stuff people do on their holiday time off. This year..nahhhh.. sleep. I might even let "balonie" in and take over, that way I won't have to deal with all the shit. She's strong, and has a big mouth, let her deal, while I sleep.

And let her cook. I'm so tired of it.

But, I made a really good salad today..............realllllly good. Everyone in the world has probably had this salad before, and because I am jest a little slow on the salad front, this was new to me. I was a head lettuce kind of gal. I made it like my mom did. Smash a head of lettuce, add green onion tops, green peppers, and some sliced tomatoes, top it with you choice of dressing, and call it a good day. Actually, that is not true, I make a lot of different salads, but when time limits factor into my day, I fall back on Mom's salad. Today, I made a strawberry salad. I know, how cool am I? What's next... a tattoo? Wait for my holiday post!! (I'm thinking about one on my ankle). Okay, so this salad had "greens"...I don't have a clue what they are, they looked like weeds in my garden. I bought them in a bag, along with some a poppy seed dressing, plus sunflower seeds, and some crunchy corn things. My recipe had all that in it, so instead of buying it all separately, I just bought the bag and added the rest. Which were strawberries, raspberries I had just picked out of the garden and apple vinegar, it was so good. Verry verry good. We ate the whole thing...usually there is always salad left over..because it tastes like shiz.

It's strawberry picking season here now, but I can't see myself going out to the farms and picking. I have a hard enough time trying to put my pants on, nevermind bending down and doing a face plant in a strawberry field.

My boss had the A/C on 20 degrees C. all day. I could not even type, my fingers were frozen. I turned it up..he turned it down. It was ridiculous. Finally I turned on my heater under my desk. I have arthritis, don't look so surprised, I'm fucking old, but I was so pissed of at his attitude about it today, as I was not the only one who was freezing in the office. If he does this tomorrow, I am going home. You want me to work here in comfort or you don't. It's not fair, I don't enjoy having to take Tylenol when I don't have to keep my bones from hurting. I can't even wear any summer clothes, because I have to bundle up.

Soooo. that's about all the bitching I got. What says you?

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