Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mosquitoes the size of elephants

Are residing my back yard. This is the first day I have not been able to step outside to the deck without being eaten alive. I killed one this afternoon, and I had blood running down my leg!! I don't mind me a little blood "letting" because in Edwardian times it was a popular healer, but God only knows who he got to before he got me!! I just wanna make sure he had a clean needle....yeah, I know they die and burst after their first tank full. Bastards. Nothing annoys me more than spending a perfectly nice summers eve, in the house.

I'm going on holidays at the end of the month!! Thank God. I need some time to regroup. I never seem to have a moment to myself and I am so weary. The weekends are always full of my "list of things to do", mowing the lawn, housecleaning, bookeeping and laundry I am just about tuckered out. My very fav thing is we get together for our attitude adjustment hour on Sat. nites with our friends. I get to see what's happening in everyone elses life, and I don't feel so bad. I work with men all week and never get to do any girl talk. It's crazy, but life has just been moving so quickly since I hit 60. Everything seems to go by so fast. It seemed pretty quick between 30 and 40, and between 40 and fifty it seemed to take forever.... and now it's just flying by. a dog with a full bladder. I took a few pics out in the back 40 today whilst slapping the shit of those needlenosedflyingpeopleaters.

Penny, still doing her time in jail. She will be out in 2009 . Hey, you gotta pay the time if did the crime. The crime being ....she is just too cute. I luvs her so much it hurts.

This is a grape vine Hippy chick gave to me many a year ago, and I kept on trying to string it up on the deck to make it vine, but she wasn't having any of that, so I let it grow as a plant.

Top shot of the pond again, I am just getting used to my new camera and trying things out.

Plants in the back garden.. I love the one's on the bottom, they feel like paper.

My first raspberries of the season.

My furry plant...Penny likes to sit in it.

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