Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wanna wrestle?

Tough, I'm too tired. I just mowed the back 40. I gave blood to 3,450 mosquitoes, they are not too picky about my blood type. I do what I can. I think they like the blood/wine mix..60/40.

Neighbour lady came over to our fence tonite..well she didn't ACTUALLY come over THE fence, but she spoke to me from her side...very quietly to me while I was trying of cool off on my raised deck. I couldn't hear her, so I cupped my hand on my good ear and I still could not hear her, so I was forced to come down the stairs and walk all the way to her fence, and I still couldn't hear her. my good ear gone too? NO, she wanted to talk about our neighbours! Oy...I don't need this says my inner self, but my outer self said, hey "what's shaking." She said she had just got home from the hospital and got a letter from the CITY which said that her humongous outdoor pond has been neglected since spring, and is now a larvae breeding area for West Nile mosquitoes. Neighbour so and so had been complaining, and they had checked out the property. I feigned great surprise, and said..ARE YOU KIDDING! As I was swatting those little bastards. Just a note, her husband had a stroke and is still in hospital so she has not been doing any shit around the yard. I put on my compassionate face, because I know she is going through a rough patch, until she started bitching about the other neighbour beside her and their dogs etc..........ahhhh fuck, lady ..nothing has changed, you guys are as anal as you were before the stroke. No lessons learned here. Why are people such assholes? I don't get it. Bitch Bitch Bitch.

I knew the pond was a problem, and was hoping someone other than us would complain, because somehow she seems to like me? Or use me. We took care of their house for two months in winter when they went on holiday, and now I am taking care of her plants. I don't like conflict and will do just about anything to avoid it but I'm telling you I was "this" close to telling her off about that pond... yeah .. me.. telling someone off...that will happen when God stops making little green apples, or if American Idol gets cancelled. I guess I will just have to keep my "surprised" face on because I think it will stop the aging process, it uplifts my jowls and my eyebrows, betteren than a face lift, and cheaper. Betteren is just a new word I made up. Put that in your dictionary. Hold on, don't try to give me any credit for it when you use it, I'm all about giving.

I don't have any pictures today. Lucky you. And lucky Gord.

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