Friday, February 04, 2005

Did ya ever have a NIP?

I went out for lunch today at the SALISBURY HOUSE!!..and had me a NIP and die for...Haven't done that in years!!

Anyone not living in Manitoba wouldn't know what this taste experience means a hamburger (NIP)..and french fries(CHIPS)....and chili on the side iffen you wants it. Not just any hamburger, the best hamburger....decked with a heap of fried onions...and whatever else yer little heart desires. And if you want the Salisbury Steak...which consists of a very nice piece of hamburger, hash browns, and creamy cole slaw and chili on the will be getting the Manitoba taste of yer life...just go ask Burton Cummings from the "Guess Who"...he bought part of the franchise...but he is a home grown little turd...who doesn't have the self confidence of a "turd"...did I say that twice?...anywho...He thinks its cool to be from Manitoba now, when he's old and nobody's listening to his music anymore.... don't get me going on Randy Bachman..sigh

Years ago, when I was a bum and single, it was the best place to come after the "bar"(with god knows who) and eat, have coffee, harass the clientle, etc. ...the Sal's was the place to go.

ahhh, those "bar" days......I WAS BAD....sometimes I get to thinking...."what was I thinking?"..not much methinks.. because I was a real dumb ass....but that happens when you are in your 20's...but unfortantely I carried that out into my 30's....and hey... a little in my 40's...hmmm I don't think I'm finished that I am in the twilight of my years of my life..the 50's...phoeey F*it... I know what not to repeat...but I will do it with more dignity...

I will have to tell you all about a time in the 70's, when we had a party at a very nice house of a friends, and we all took our clothes off, when the pizza guy arrived at the door!!!! LOL...

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Special K said...

You know, in all the years I lived in Winnipeg, I never once ate at a Sal's. Mind you, I drank a gazillion coffees while smoking a gazillion cigarettes there, though.

You know something else? Burton Cummings is an alumnus of my high school (St. John's High--no, not St. John's Ravenscourt). I even have a copy of a 1963 yearbook with his grade 10 picture in it. Pencil-necked geek, he was.