Thursday, February 24, 2005

I wonder what I was thinking

I keep a daytimer in front of my computer..and I saw an entry I had written last week.."Thoughts for my next blog." ...... it said..asswipe and National Geographic..hmmmm. I have absolutely no idea on what planet I was on. I write these little things down all the time on post it notes and on little pieces of paper when I come up with something I might think is interesting in my mundane life...but asswipe and National Geographic ...nope...don't know. I'm thinking when Mary Lou posted the stuff about volcanoes I might have had a comment to make about something I saw in National Geographic, because in my daytimer was the same day she wrote it...I'm gonna go away for awhile and check my email...and think this over.


Okie dokie....I got it...I was going to tell her that I used to read National Geographic at home in the early 60's. and was fascinated by volcanoes. And then my thoughts started running on, and remembering about getting the National Geographic at dad, who did not subscribe to anything else but the newspaper always subscribed to the National Geographic for me and my bro. Remembering this brought on a whole bunch of new memories.....we were never allowed to use the National Geographic for ass-wipe...LOL.. in our house, until the early 60's we didn't have indoor plumbing and used the outhouse in summer, and a "a pail" in winter, which was in the house in a small room...and creosote was used to dilute the aaaaaaaaaa smell and feces..we would use the newspaper which was saved, to wipe our bums...and catalogues as well if they were out of date.......but never the National Geographic, because Dad paid good money for that...and it was saved by the grace of god from our asses.. bedside that, there were a lot of porno pics of poor people in different countries with no clothes on, which my bro loved.

Sometimes your little bum got sore, if you didn't take the newspaper and scrunch it all up and try to make it soft, before you did the wipe...lordy...those were the days...nevermind the spiders that were always in the outhouse.....f*k they used to freak me out. Then my dad used to spray the outhouse with DDT....a pesticide now outlawed....but shit...we are still alive...probably because we used to eat a lot of dirt and borcht I dunno..........

I will never forget when we got indoor plumbing...and real toilet would have had us use newspaper, but it was recommended that only toilet paper would flush!!'s that for recycling...we did that before it was popular... you never had to take the newspaper up to the curb for recyling was all in the PAIL...and the pail got dumped into the outhouse, which in turn, turned into compost. We were way ahead of our time... but.. I'm still wondering how much printers ink I got up my ass...

Okay then,

So, if any of you little whippersnappers ( can't stop saying that word) are reading this...thank the lord before you flush...or you could be reading your
lastest newspaper on your rear end..or the latest Dell flyer..and have a pic of a laptop painted to your hinnie....ohh my..


It's been a long week with Auntie funeral and such. It's finally Friday and I can sit and write and do what I wanna do...I'm trying hard not to do those "pity" blogs....and didn't mean it to become one of those with my last entry, but because it was part of my life now and past I decided to write about it. That is over... but now...I really need help (just kidding) Goldfish is dying....Autnie was 83, but my "big guy" is only 6 years old....just a baby.

Today he stopped knew he had prob's, but I never thought he would stop eating...he is such a by the looks of it, I will have to scoop him out this weekend sometime and put him in the freezer. He's way too big to flush...breaks my heart..he is sooo cute. For some unknown reason I can keep goldfish alive for more than a week unlike most folks. Large goldfish have become a legend in my house. They start out in a ten gallon tank, progess to the 20, then finally then they are your best friend....and huge. I'm saying most of this with tongue in cheek, as there is no real bond between a piece of glass and whats inside...but I do really care for that little critters. He is sitting behind me now, in the tank at the bottom hiding behind some plants...and all his food has gone uneaten.. I keep turning around to see how he is doing...but me crazy...but I will really miss him. I repeat..this is not a Pity Post....just part of life...most people woulda thrown him the garbage by now... anyway, I am going to try to find a pic of him...and it might come up on top of this post...or however this stinking blogger thing works...!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Joan I'm so sorry that your fishie is sick. :( Just because it's a fish doesn't mean there can't be a bond! I do hope that he gets better. Can you try a different food?

I have always had indoor plumbing but both my parents grew up with out. Sears catalog was their wipes of choice. LOL When my dad got older and was working he saved his money and built the first indoor bathroom in my grandma's house. He then went on and built a second one. :)