Sunday, February 27, 2005

crocked pot Posted by Hello


Special K said...

I haven't been doing the rounds as I should have this past week. I've been a bit taken up, but having read your entries over the same period, it seems I'm not the only one. Let's take 'em by point:

1. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt, but hey, 83 is a lovely old age, and I know you did her justice in your eulogy to her.

2. Sorry about your he doing a bit better? He's one big muthah.

3. Your story about the National Geographics used as asswipe gave me a pretty righteous chuckle.

4. I am so dropping in on one of your AA nights if I find myself in Winnipeg this year.

5. That's a honkin' big crockpot.

6. You're welcome for the "whippersnapper" thing.

Over, and out.

Joe said...

I hope that pot is not full of deer meat?

Joan said...

Hey, SK..your welcome to AA Hour anytime...lemme know when your in bad we missed xmas.. I got a little space left by the stove..but if the computer chair is being occupied, you get a folding card table type chair with old paint spatterings on's especially designed for newbies..if you mess with us...we just fold you up in the chair and boot you out the door.he he

And yes, I will try to get a better comments thingie...and ..yes, if I f*k it will be first to know!!

And hey Joe...DEER MEAT?? Bambi..OMG...No my crock pot was not filled with Bambi...lordyloveaduck!!..maybe Thumper...I like me a good wabbit supper sometimes. We used to eat wild rabbit alot when I lived out in the country....for some reason my mom always made it at easter...go figure LOL...

Special K said...

It's been ages since I sat at the Kid's Table. Thanks!

Mary Lou said...

Hope you are doing better, Bambi in the crock pot is really good!!! ;)

Joe Berenguer said...

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