Wednesday, February 23, 2005

It's all over

Well, we put Auntie Ann to rest yesterday..........and it's done........I did the Eulogy, and wasn't even nervous..all the family members were so grateful and loved that in itself made it worth the effort! Now, that there is no more Aunties and Uncles to bury....we, my cousins and I are the FAMILY to make it a little more interesting...after we all met up my cousins house later having drinks and food.... I lined up all the little whippersnapper neices, nephews, grandkids..whatever I could grab a hold of...and asked them all to sit down.

I looked them all in the eye....and said...guess what...We, the new generation of old fart aunties are in charge now......"and we KICK ASS". No more coddling and mooning over your latest crayon drawings....we want results!!! Hip Hup...line up.. move on out..and all of that.. and we don't want any whining! little tyke piped up and said...auntie Joanie...can we still come over and play in your big house...hmmmm..okay...but don't go into my wine cellar know what happened the last time!! An older niece said..."Auntie Joan, does this mean I can't send you anymore half naked pics of male models in email anymore....I said's this way...hmmm..ahhh well, yeah!...but don't make it a habit!!!

And so it goes, I love my family...and I miss those who have gone on...

PS...thanks Special K...I stole the "whippersnapper" word from you...I love that tells it all.


ddddddddddddddddddddd said...

Hi there,
Saw your comment on Brian's page (Audience of One) and popped over to see a fellow Canadian. Sorry bout your Aunt. TTFN

Joan said...

Hiya Joe,

Thanks for stopping by. Nice to see a fellow Canuck in crowd!!

Mary Lou said...

We have used the word whippersnapper for years here. My Dad and his cronies would call us that. Have not heard it in a while though.

put the fear of God in them did Ya?