Sunday, February 06, 2005


I have never watched the superbowl until today...I did.. only because I read Paul McCartney was going to be performing at half time. I was totally amazed at the programming at the beginning..with the former Presidents attending and such... Americans are so patriotic, it is totally in Canada if we find a flag in the ditch, we will put it up on our front porch July 1st. ...and then put it in the recycling bin the day after. Our countries are soooo different politically. It seems an American is born and raised with a duty to country. In Canada, the only people that join the army are those who are looking for career..(just my opinion) ..we don't seem to have that same sense of "love of country."....I can't quite put it in words..yeah we love our country,when you go to a football game or baseball game...and the National Anthem is see a whole lotta people moving their mouths...they don't even know the words to OH CANADA.... I used to know them until someone in the government decided to change the words..and FUCKT it up...with a capitol T. Hey...after that they decided to have it sung with one verse in English and the next in French...wellll call me crazy..

I loved Paul Mc....he sang HEY fav song...all the "candle phoney lights" the people were holding were a nice touch...but there is nothing like a real Bic Lighter .. Hey Jude...was the only Beatles song I really liked..BUT Paul..didn't go "judy judy judy judy" the end....burst my balloon. Okay Live and let die wasn't bad...nice fireworks.

If your an American, I hope your fav team wins... I can't make sense of American football, but I can't make sense of Canadian football either... soI hope someone wins the Grey Cup...oops wrong country..

God Save The King


Lisa said...

I referenced your post on my blog today. Excellent post!


Jennifer said...

Yes excellent post. So very true!

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

It's okay Joan - I don't understand football at all - I usually go shopping when the game is on!

About how patriotic Americans are, I think it's because the country is really amazingly young and it was fought for very hard only about 300 years ago. So I think because this was an earned country so to speak, American's want to keep it that way and are very proud of it.

Heck, I'm a Canadian who's been living here since I was 4 and I'm damn proud of it! :)

Mary Lou said...

Well congrats on your first SUper Bowl. I quit watching them years ago. MAinly because the store always held Inventory on that Sunday!