Sunday, February 27, 2005

I bought a crock pot

I know this will not be the most exciting entry of my blogging career, but it must be documented.

After my experience with the Georgie Porgie Foreman grill, I was still hungering for an appliance that was way to big for my cupboards. I found Mr. Crock Pot. I have been scouring the net for recipes today. At this point I am a little soured on the thought of cooking with this thing. Did you know, you have to put your food in it a week ahead of time? Yup, you can start your next Sunday night supper the Sunday before....and after 168 hours your entire meal will be cooked. Somehow I find this to be a bit of a deterent...because I don't know what I want for supper a week ahead of time. On the upside it would be wonderful to have a home cooked meal aroma throughout the house all week long.

This impulse purchase may being going down the wayside with Georgie. OR...I could use the "high" heat setting and start my next nights supper at 12:00 midnight. that's a comforting thought..... going to bed at 10:00 PM...putting on the alarm for !2:00 AM, getting up and preparing a meal in my nightie.

I didn't buy me the 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 qt. capacity pot....I bought me the biggest mother they had...the 5 qt. why? because I could... I dunno...blahhhhh

Okay then.

So, like, if you want to make a pot of Chili for a crowd of 100, in 7 days....this would be machine for you. I would highly recommend it.

Over and out!!


Mary Lou said...

Actually they come in GREAT for parties, you can make the chili ahead of time and then just keep it warm in the pot. I cooked corned beef in it, and the house STUNK for a week. ICK. I do use it for stews and braising a tough piece of meat, or a pot of beans, My sister uses hers all the time for potlucks at work.

Ya just gotta learn to plan ahead. (YUCK!!_)

Prop Turns said...

I laugh so hard at your 'appliance' stories. They just make me laugh and laugh.

As for the AA hour - usually Tracy and I have one of those but of late we've both been on the down and out.... Or a group of us from work would get together but as I've e-mailed that's gone the wayside.....

But no worries, I'm sure I'll be feeling like my spry sunny self in no time - well maybe after the move!

Prop Turns said...
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