Sunday, September 25, 2005

And the geese came back! and I'm an auntie balonie again!

This is the new babykins in the family. In the pic is my SIL Sheila the Grandma (one of the members of Sat. nite AA best friend:)..She is the one that had cancer and is doing very well.
And it's a baby girl..Tarlyn Jade. I don't know where these mothers get the names from...don't get me going on that. Doesn't anyone name there kid Joan anymore..lord!! Taryln..tear what?? Tara I could understand, I luv that name, think of Gone with the Wind...but why do they have to end every kids name with lyn. Fudge...if I was born in this day and age, my name would be sexy is that?

See below for details...I couldn't get the pic to match the details.....but I know why now....blogger is a bitch..but she's my bitch.

Back to the geese...Yes they did come back ah huh!! Not as many as before, but I guess they will keep on coming. I heard them this morning..when I was sleeping...damn them! But by the time I got up and such and got to the lake, most of them were gone, except for the shit. Good luck to the kids that play soccer on that field tomorrow..ewwww. I'm pretty well over the goose thing, actually I can hear another batch coming over the house now. Do they have headlights? How can they see in the dark?

I was just out sitting on the deck, it was so peaceful. I had my pump going in my little pond and was just sitting there thinking good thoughts.....until I encountered strange odours. One nieghbour was probably making a steak, which smelled good, I could smell burned stubble coming off the fields about a mile down, best of all I could smell my roasted chicken gettin roasted in the oven. Wonderful smells, until you add "Bounce" into the mix. It seems both neighbours on each side of me, were drying there laundry. I know this is a Sunday nite ritual for those of us who have to work, but lordyluvasnarkysmell...steak, chicken, stubble, and bounce? It overpowered my senses, I had to leave.

Holy shit, another gaggle are coming over the house, it is LOUD. I always timed their arrival with my mom's passing which was on Sept 19th.1999 and her birthday..which would have been today. So, it's pretty well right on. I don't know why I was expecting anything different. I did my annual visit to Mom and Dad's gravesite last week, and found much to my surprise, a huge fence separating the grounds. On the other side is a huge housing development!! I saw something happening there when I went in spring, but I didn't know what the extent of it was going to be. Now there is huge monsterous houses 20 feet from their plot!! I shit you not. They could shake hands. When I walked up to their plot, I looked around checked out the houses on the OTHER side, and it didn't seem like anyone was living in them just yet. It is obvious the developer has squeezed as many house in one development as possible, as the back yards are barely 12 feet to the fence from the house. Who would wany to live in a place backing on to a grave yard? WHO?

I was pretty uncomfortable whilst I was sitting there, having a talk with my folks...was anybody listening to me and watching me while I shed a tear or two? I was always checking my back. I told Gord later, that maybe we should buy that house that is directly in line with my folks gravesite...and we could have coffee with them in the morning. He didn't think it was a great idea...because he didn't want to have coffee with the rest of them!!...poor sport.

I am a great Auntie again!!.. (see above) My nephew Damon and his wife Jen just had another baby girl...that makes three girls. This is getting boring. We need a wee baby that has a schlong...yaknow what I mean...boyish.. New babe is cute and all, but doesn't have a schlong. Both my nephews have not produced a boy yet...just whining pink barbie doll girls!! Hey, they need a MAN cousin damit, named KEN. He would kick ass.

Which brings me to Thanksgiving again,,,, they will all be here...all those little critters...7 of them...along with their parents of course..GOD I HOPE SO...where can I store them?....maybe the crawl space..I dunno..or maybe I can put them in a Thanksgiving Day Care they have stuff like that?? Probably:) My dog will go balistic... It should be interesting...and that is only a few weeks away!!! (Canadian Thanksgiving) for my American friends

I have three sets of stairs in our wonderful house, and the kids love going up an down them... up and down, and up an down again with much speed..that never happened in the days when my neices were young...I had a cat...who managed the situation. FLOWER...was her name...and you didn't want to piss her off. Nope. She stalked every kid on every stairwell...and smacked them on the way up and on the way down. I loved that cat. I didn't have to disiplne anyone...FLOWER did it for me. I have to get another tabby like that with an attitude. She demanded respect..and got it. You know, it was really funny, all the kids wanted to be able to tame her a was a challenge, they couldn't figure out why she didn't like them, and tried over..and make her their friend...and Flower, made it clear... over and over...that she did not want them for friends, she wanted them out of our house...and gone..gone.

Time for me to hit the hay, I have been writing this in shifts today...supper was wonderfull...we had roasted chicken, broccoli/carrot/cauliflower, stuffing, gravey, and potatoes. And I just finished it all of with a Drumstick...the icecream kind. I like theme meals. Yeah rite. Like I'm pickey.

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