Friday, September 16, 2005

Family Matters

Yesterday, I emailed my niece Cheri and her sister Lisa, inquiring about my bro and stuff, because sometimes I get more information from the kids than I do from HIM.  Mr. Denial.  Cheri wrote back to me today…and it was so funny..she is definitely my blood relative!!

This is the email I sent her.

Called Garry yesterday only to find he was in the hospital again.  NO ONE TOLD AUNTIE JOAN! ..what am I, chopped liver? 
He sounded fine, but that is what he does.  I sure hope they make sure that doesn't happen again.  Dang it, my bebby bro...having to go through all this.  It's just not fair.  I would take his place in a nano second.  It should happen to the oldest in the family ME, not to a youngin like him.  I am sure he will be okay, everything just has to be worked out.  But I am a worrywort, as my mom used to call me.
I am starting to think about my own mortality...lordy...I still feel like I'm ten years old, and I act it too.  I guess you never know when something could go wrong at our age...I'm hitting the big 6-0 in October. 
Which brings me to one request...of the two of you...if something should ever happen to me, could you notify my blog?  I know this sounds stupid, but its my journal, and you are the only two I have shared it with. I have made some super friends there that I don't have in real life.  They would be wondering where I stayed and all.  My ID is xxxxx password is xxxx.  Go into google and into blogs.
And, if I am ever on my death bed, please have somebody shave my upper lip... I don't want to go out looking like a man..LOL......
I should have had children, but now I am putting the onus on darling nieces sucking up working?
Luv xxxxxauntie joanie

This is the email I got back today

Hiya Auntie Joan,I've never had notifying a blog as a final request...but whateverfloats yer  No one called you because no one wanted to worry you.  If it makes you feel any better no one called us either...I only found out the following night.  We never even went to the hospital to visit him because he was basically only there overnight.  Lisa tried calling you on Tuesday night but just got your machine...and who wants to leave a message, "Yeah, the old fart took another joyride in an ambulance.."  But for what it's worth, sorry about that.  :-(  He's just getting more and more tired out and depressed lately, not interested in anything...has no hobbies.  Pretty bored, really.  He's stopped drinking (so much, anyways, due to my mom's stomping on his beer), he's not smoking as much (tho he shouldn't be at all).  And so he's a big fat grouch.  (Not literally,of course)

If you're on your deathbed, don't worry about your moustache.  What do you want us to do about the rest of your face?Oooh ouch...hee hee.  You know how people have angels and devils on their shoulders when they have to make a choice?  My devil IS my father...:-)   I mean that in the nicest, homer simpson kinda way of course.  Blame him for THAT joke.  It's his genes.Love,Cheri

Now, you see why I love them…they are just like me…”.WHAT DO WANT US TO DO WITH THE REST OF YOUR FACE”…lordy….I almost spit out my wine.  

That’s almost better then the joke..when a horse comes in the bar..sits down and orders and drink….and the bartender says…why the long face??  We love that  joke in our family…it makes us laugh and laugh and laugh.  And now Cheri made another face joke…ohhhh my!!

I have to tell it to my bro next week he will love it.  Maybe it will pull him out of his slump.

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