Friday, September 30, 2005

I'm turning LX

Well Garry's doing much better. (so far)

He is still very weak, but I am sure it will take awhile to get back on his feet. Thanks for all your prayers and good wishes.

I'm blogging at work today (I know..bad me), but I won't have time tonight because my boss and his wife are taking me & Gord out for supper tonight!! Whoohoo!! Because tomorrow I am turning LX. You figure it out. It hasn't been easy living this long. I have to admit it's been a hell of ride. I have chosen Tony Roma's as my restaurant of choice. I love ribs. I love Tony Roma ribs. Ribs, ribs, and more ribbets. Normally when we have ribs, I order in.. because, well, I am very messy and don't like to embarrass those around me. Tonight with the bossman there and all I will have to have show some decorum whilst I scarf them down.

Gord asked me this morning what I wanted for my birthday. I asked why he asking a full day ahead of time, ususally he asks me the day of my birthday. He totally caught me off guard because I thought I had till tomorrow to come up with something. I told him to come back in an hour and I would think about it. So, I thought and thought and came up with a new computer chair. I told him, and he looked at me like I had two heads. What's the matter with a new chair? He reminded me that he had got me one three years ago...oh yeah,now I remember..but it doesn't have a lever to make it go up and down I protest. I want one of those damit. You can never have too many computer chairs. What he didn't notice was I had the "Dell" flyer pasted to my forehead. A laptop is on the top of my wish list, but I know it's not in the budget, so he just ignored my futile attempt to once again try to get one. It must have looked kind of funny when he had to keep lifting the flyer off my face to talk to me. I don't think anyone should reach the ripe old age of LX and never had a laptop. It's unheard of. I am sure he is at Canadian Tire right now picking out a Turkey Smoker or something. He has an appliance fetish. I still haven't used my George Foreman Turkey Rotessiere he bought two Christmas's ago. All things turkey with that guy. He doesn't even like turkey...go figure. But, I am sure he only wants to make my Thanksgiving dinner(with 100 of his relatives) less stressful. He is always thinking about me.

I think I will treat myself tomorrow and actually BUY a bottle of wine. Real wine, like from the liquor store, not my homemade ripple. Yes, that will be a treat.

I guess I better get going and close the office down. So, if I get a laptop (just supposing) I will sit down Saturday night, open up a real bottle of wine and blog-drunk. I will be that happy! If I get the Turkey might never see me again...unless you want to bail me out of jail. The party's on!!!

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