Sunday, October 02, 2005

The day after the night before

It's finally over. I'm not one to have people fussing over me and being the centre of attention. I don't like it. So, I am breathing a sense of relief. I understand they all want to express their good wishes, but man I find it hard to accept. On Friday night my boss and his wife took us out for supper at Tony Roma's. It was delicious. I have to tell you that my boss and his wife are very devout Christians and like to VISIT. I had visions of VISITING for hours on end after the meal. I gave Gord strick instructions that when we were finished eating...NOT under any circumstance to order coffee, because coffee makes VISITING type people even want to VISIT more. Mennonites love to visit and do small talk for hours on end. Dinner went off with out a hitch. We were all so stuffed as my boss ordered two different appetizers, so by the time the entree arrived, it was a little hard getting it all down. The server had just finished carrying our "bone laden" rib plates away, and came back in a few moments and asked ...the question.."does anyone want coffee and dessert?" My boss said NO..his wife said NO..I said NO, guess who said YES...just friggin guess...fortheloveofariblet...I don't know how much clearer I could have made it, but Gord said YES! I kicked his leg so hard, I am sure he still has a bruise. Sometimes I just want to take one my dog's chew bones..and gnaw on it. You know what I mean.

We got home remarkably early..10:00PM or so. The night was but yet a pup, so we sat outside on the deck and had a few drinks and shot the shit. I apologized for kicking so hard, but I said...what part of having coffee after dinner..didn't you hear?" he was clueless, and just said all I wanted was a cup of coffee..sue me!! He unlike me likes to talk everyone's head off, and just had more to say..and say!..groan. Next morning we had an appointment with the bank to renegotiate our mortgage at 11:00 AM. Being the lazy asses we are, we woke up at 10:00 and had to start hustling. I had a million things to do, clean the house, get groceries etc. as I knew people would be dropping by in the evening.

We made our 11:00AM appointment at the Credit Union with the 'loanarranger' he-he. Gord normally does all the banking stuff, so I don't really know the staff there that well. We were met by this woman, who had obviously been taking "crack"..or perhaps had forgot to put her rice crispies in her breakfast bowl, and just added sugar and milk. I duunoo. PERKY..doesn't describe her..and it's 11:00 in the morning. Gord introduces me to her, and she almost took my arm off shaking my hand in friendship. She seriously wanted to be my best friend and get our money in her bank. We went into her office, and started the negotiations of the mortgage for this year. Gord does negotiations, I look on..bored. Just get to the part where I have to sign, and I want to get the hell out of there. They talk rates, smates...I wait..when do I sign? goes on, it's now feet are starting to twitch, along with my left eye. Finally an interest rate has been reached!! Thank you Lord. I sign all my papers as fast as me finger can go. Yes, it's done I think. No, Gord has more questions to ask about totally unrelated business that I am not involved in. I am pretty sure I had a "tick" happening in other eye, when the "loanarranger" asked if I was bored. HAAA... Jeez, I didn't think it was that obvious!! I apologized and said no, I was not bored, but could I be excused because none of this required my signature and I had to get going. More small talk about my business at hand...groceries...etc. She was still on her "crack" high, and was totally relating to me blah blah...but she already had my signature, so she was willing to let me go. She was still yelling Happy Birthday to I was speeding down the street. Never tell them it's your birthday..never.

The day wore on, I cleaned up the house because I knew my Attitude Adjustment friends were coming over in the evening. I had one huge fear,however that Gord might have set me up and invited hundreds of people to the house. My heart was going thumpitie thump all day. I had made if very clear to him the week before that I just wanted our regular Sat. friends over, and I didn't want any fan hoopla..after all it was just a BDay. Of course the fact that he had coffee the night before when I specifically asked him not to, made me mighty worried. I had visions of him inviting long lost friends, street people etc.

Finally around 6:00PM my girlfriends show up...with cakes and prezzies, and it put my mind to rest..they said they had planned to order in ribs from Tony Roma's, but seeing as my boss took me out, it was just going to be a Sat. night as usual. Yessss!! A bit later Gord and his bro came back from their motorcycle ride, which they do every Sat. afternoon, and we settled in to our normal routine.

Gord, didn't buy me the laptop, which I knew he wouldn't, but he bought me a 6-49 lottery ticket with Dell written all over it!! No Luck. BUT..I did get my new and improved computer chair. He said I would have to go to Office Depot and pick one that fits my tushie...that's important in a chair methinks..and I will do that tomorrow..I was happy. Sheila got me covers for my new lawn chairs I bought this summer. Now, if it rains I won't have to take them off and dry them out for two days!! Lovely..just what I needed. She must have heard me bitching about that, and kept it in mind. Janis got me a wonderful ornament type thing to hang in a tree, and it spins around and around in the wind. It's beautiful, and has a blue crystal ball in it. She also baked an awesome cake for me.. it was great.

We all had drinks and snacks...and a lot of joking about my advanced age. I was about to cut up the cake and serve it, when there was a knock at the door and it was my neice LISA!! I never expected her!! She is my brother's (who is sick) daughter. I don't know what happened, but I just started to cry. I guess all the tension I have been feeling about him, just came out. She calmed me down, we had cake, and partied on. She is only 19 for heavens sake, and she's patting the ole auntie on the back. I guess at her age, even if her dad is sick, she doesn't know or think about the inventiable...God love her. I smootched her up and down.

So, that was my 60th birthday...and I don't want to think about it again. At least the age part. I have been having such weird thoughts about my mortality lately, sometimes it paralizes me. But, I think with the new computer chair, things can only get better. I can go UP..and DOWN.. anytime I want...I plan on going UP...and getting the bad thoughts out of my head. Poor Gord, after everyone left last night, he asked me what was wrong. I never have had PMS..nor do I ever show my this was new to him.. I could tell he was a little scared. I explained, that the thought of my brother dying was more than I could handle, because then I wouldn't have any family other than his wife and kids, and it was scarey. So he ordered me my fav pizza...that's how I know he loves me..LOL...and he cleaned up the house after everyone left...and did I mention the 12 roses he gave me... that all makes up for the coffee incident.

Here is a few pic's of the days events..none with me in them, but my SIL took some, so I will post those next time round.

My next door neighbour Trish came over and brought me some lovely Autumn flowers

Gord serving Champagne with a dirty little dish rag on his arm..lord

BDay cake

12 Red Roses for a blue lady...from Gordon

Spiral thing I got from's awesome when the wind gets it going

Chair covers from SIL

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