Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's always about the weather isn't it?

Well, it finally stopped snowing this morning. My "big horking van" was laden with heavy snow." Snow that had so much moisture in it you could have made a snowman in about three minutes. It's good for that when it all sticks together. When we get the dry cold...snowmen don't have a chance..they are just snowdust, with a carrot on the ground.

This was so unusual, I fear for what the rest of winter will bring. Good news is some of my plants outside survived. Mind you, they have taken a beating, and I can't believe the perennials around the pond were perky, after the sun came out today for awhile and took the snow off of them, but they are pretty hardy. Even some of my annuals that were covered with snow this morning, are doing fine. I guess the temp didn't go down far enough to kill them. It's funny, you would think a delicate little flower laden with snow would freeze up when it's covered with snow!!

So, now on to the weekend..THANKSGIVING (CANADA)weekend. I just got a call from Gord that he and his sister have met our nephew Chris and family at the airport. The family will all be together..

Where do you ask? hmmmm I whisper... at my house..7 children, 12 adults for dinner. Auntie Balonie is mighty worried, can she pull this off? I do the dinners at Christmas..but not with quite so many people and kids...can I do it again? I don't know. I was really hoping for better weather so the kid's could go outside, but I don't think that will be an option.

If I can pull this off, it will be a miracle. We have kids with peanut allergies, and a few vegetarians in the group...oy vey.... Hey, where all the good old days when everyone ate what was served them...where are they?...dagnabit.

So, it should be interesting., I have a people bringing stuff too, so that will lighten the load.

I have been looking for different recipes lately, just to make it more interesting, but I think I should just stick to what everyone is expecting. I would really like to taste a "sweet potato" pie or casserole I always hear people in the states talking about. I have never made it, but it seems a staple in the US.

A customer of Gord's just dug up his potatoes from the garden and gave us a whole bunch, so I will have nice fresh spuds for mashed taters on Sunday. Hippy girlfriend is making the dessert...and she is so talented along with her daughter who is a it should be good. But, I just remembered, I forgot to tell them about the nut allergies, etc...

Well, time to gear's gonna be a rocky road...

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