Friday, October 28, 2005

33 years of wedded bliss

In bad clothes.

This would be us coming down the isle, Gord, for some reason decided Tuxedo's were not his style..nope.

He made a special trip to Eaton's and got a burgandy VELVET suit, and looked for weeks for the bow tie to match it. What luck, he found one. LORD. I'm not sure where the shirt came from. My dress was in the fashionable Princess style. My Dad wanted to pay for my dress, I was dead against it because they were only getting by, and they were already paying for the food at the wedding. So, when I went wedding dress shopping, I went to one of those fancy dancy wedding shoppe's. I looked and looked, and finally came up with a bridesmaid dress I liked, and asked it they could do it in White...and YES, they could... and it was only $45.00 as compared to 200.00 for a real bridal gown. I'm happy, my dad's happy, so be it. I borrowed the veil from my sister in law...and we were in business!

Just a note: He wore that damn velvet suit to evey occasion for the next 5 years, until he split the pants... Elvis would have been proud.

As we were leaving the church. This was supposed to be a "fall" wedding but it snowed shit that day. As we said then...bummer.

My Daddy, and me.

My cousin Chris and I.

The necessary "ring" pic.

Gord, making his speech to my parents (I don't know why he has my bouquet in his hands) telling them how he would treat me right..blah blah. We always kid him about this picture, because there seems to be "halo" over his head. And, you know what else is spooky, I have two more pictures of him taken by different people, at different times and there is a "halo" over his head...

What should one think? Is he the chosen one? I hope not, I can't take the pressure. Because if that is for cover.

The Cake...long story...the original cake got fucked up by the cake company, and I had to run to Safeway THAT morning, and get another one...fudge.

Leaving, for the honeymoon...notice my Granny dress... I dressed Gord in Halloween colours...yes I did. Everyone had to do WHAT the bride said, I was in charge...and dont't mess wit da bride.

Mom and Dad....Dancing the first dance after ours his parents are in the background....notice I got my mom in fall colours too....I had a theme going. How the hell did I know it was going to snow that day..bleh..

The Head Table...I got this out of order...but there I am the blushing bride.

Family pic with my parents.

Last, but not least.....THIS IS HOW I DECORATED OUR CAR!! I didn't even use Kleenex flowers, I used crepe paper, huge, huge, amount of crepe paper, ...thinking I wanted it to be sure was!!

Well, that was nice walk down memory lane. Brings a little tear to my eye, just seeing my mom and dad.

So, I hope all you youngin's reading this get a good laugh, but you too will laugh at your wedding pics after 33 years....and say, What was I thinking"?


oops.I just realized I had put two pics of my parents in the blog..I meant to put one in of Gord and I with his parents... so here it is.

WELL, nevermind because that dumb frigging little picture thing on top isn't working...I want my money back!

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