Sunday, October 23, 2005

I have discovered Podcasting!!

Bought my mic and headphones yesterday. Yesereeee...I'm going ON AIR. I only discovered on Sat. morning when I was reading a techie bit in the newspaper (I know, where have I been)??...anyway, I couldn't wait. I went on a few of the podsites yesterday and laughed my ass off. Some of them are so lame. For anyone that doesn't know what this is, it's like a little radio station all of your own, and you can make a total fool of yourself broadcasting to the ENTIRE world, if someone chances on your broadcast. It is tooo funny. I have a hundred things running through my head. My brother and I used to do this the hard way, multi years ago, before God invented computers. Now, I just have to figure the whole thing out. Yesterday I listened to a guy who did Shakespearean silioqueys, to a background of farm animals noises..with the odd flushing of toilets. Well, it's probably my twisted sense of humour, but it was funny. But, of course I will do something much more mature. Yes. Well maybe. I can't wait till the snow flys, and there is no more yard work to be done, so I can play with me toys.

I got back from my uncle's funeral about 5:30 this afternoon. I went back to my hometown about 75 miles from the city. My girlfriend (hippychick) Janis, from AAhour accompanied us. She was born and raised in the same village where my uncle and family farmed. So we all have a common bond. The worst part about everything is now that my aunt, who is suffering from Altziemers disease, is probably going to die any day now. They had finally moved to town, after leaving the farm about three months ago, and Uncle Henry was tending to her. They got established in a seniors facility with medical capabilities, and he then had a mild stroke. He got over that, but was never the same, and suffered two more until his death last Thursday. So, now my aunt is in palliative care at the hospital, because she is so disabled without Uncle Henry to take care of her. She quit eating last Tuesday. It was all so sad. My cousin Phyllis is bearting the brunt of all this, and I feel so sorry for her. After the funeral was over and she saw me, I swear to God, she hugged me soooo hard, I thought my heart was going to quit beating. She thanked me over and over for coming...I don't know why she thought I wouldn't..maybe because we haven't ever been very close, but we all know the right things to do. She was at my parents funerals..and by golly, I will attend hers. But, I can understand, when my mom or dad passed, I was so eternally gratefull for those that took out a moment of their lives to acknowledge theirs. That's heavy stuff. And it gets you through the tough times. Family.

I felt sorry for Janis. Her parents are too buried in this little tiny village cemetery we were at. And as we were all saying our goodbyes at the gravesite, she was over at her Mom and Dad's plot. She stood there for a long time. We didn't disturb her. When she was ready, she came back to the van. Some tears... and we went home. I was never so glad to get back home... And I guess I will doing all this over again in a few weeks, but that is okay...

My Auntie Helen helped me out more than she knew after my mom died. A year had passed, and it was mother's day, and I was a little weepie and such. I got a phone call from her, and she and Uncle Henry were out in the country not to far from Winnipeg looking at the crops and such like farmers do, and she asked if they could come over for a visit. YES!! I ran out to Safeway and bought a cake and made sure I had the coffee going when they came around. When they got here, she told me that every daughter should have a mother on mother's day, and she thought she would come over and be with me. I will never ever forget that one kindly deed, never.

I guess you never know whose life you touch weather you know it or not, just by being there. I told the story to Phyllis today......and she was so happy.

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