Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Maybe only I know that. I should have scanned the cartoon...I'm still laughing.

My site is under construction, so it may look a little off right now, but I didn't make myself clear to the designer on what I wanted. So, hopefully tomorrow it will look a little better.

So, will be happy, it won't be GREEN anymore!! I was kinda getting sick of it too.

I am still tired, and my f*ing dog kept me up from 4:00AM and on. Our bedroom window faces the backyard, and she must have heard some cats having a "party" in our backyard. She was pacing back and forth on the rug, then she jumped in the waterbed, and out, in the waterbed and, I thought I would get up just in case she really had to go!! .. well, how stupid am I? stupid? The moment I let her out, she started to bark..(at 4:00PM)...she bee-lined it out the patio door and barked and barked. I kept the patio door open hoping she would come back in. All I could hear out there was her "snorting", and some critter trying desperately to hop the fence. Finally, I had to get out there at this early hour in the morning .. in my didn't even have my glasses on, I don't know how I managed the stairs down from the deck. Finally I found her along the fence..still "snorting" at some critter. I picked her up, took her back up the stairs, plunked her down, and kicked her butt in the house!! Man I was mad. No...I didn't kick her butt... but I encouraged it to get into the house. She kept it up until 6:00PM... I don't know what in the hell was out there, but she wanted a piece of it. Then at 6:30 I guess the paper boy came, and she started up again. I just got up already....there was no use in trying to catch a few more zzzz's.

So, I am still sleep deprived. niterszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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