Thursday, October 27, 2005

Brad who?

There is nothing better than making an ass of yourself in blogger. And for some reason, it just comes naturally for me. I am a natural. Yes I am. You would think I would gather my factoids before shooting off my fingertips on the keyboard...nope. Not my style. I prefer to look like a I know stuff. I don't. What do you want?..the last movie I probably saw was "Gidget." Except for part 11 of Titanic, you know the one where the airplane goes down in the red sea. Yep, that was the one. I'm still wiping some that egg sammich off me face!!

Okay, then.

Let's talk about something I do know about.

Don't look so surprised.

I know about some stuff. I know, that tomorrow is Gord's Birthday, and it's also our 33rd. Wedding Anniversary. This fact alone, would explain why I have a few screws loose. Those screws were pretty tight some 33 years and used often when we got married so long ago..but alas, as time goes on there isn't enough WD40 to unwind em:) Actually our sex life isn't the problem, it's staying up late enough to do it..LOL Nuff said. (blushing like a bride)

I will post a bunch of wedding pic's tomorrow. I have never regretted a day in my life (okay maybe a day or two) that I married him. He has been my rock. We have had hundreds of ups and downs...but such is life. You learn. You compromise. You cry and you yell. He is still they guy I met on a motorcycle in 1962 and I am still the hot chick he took on that ride.

Until tomorrow.

Yours truly,


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