Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bebby Bro

Well that sucker is in the hospital again, GOD.DAM.IT!!

I am so mad, He was short of breath again yesterday and was going to hop in the car with his wife and go to emergency...but when he got shorter of breath...Joan (his wife) called 911 again (this is the third time)...when the paramedics got there, Garry was waiting for them on the front steps...he told them he didn't want them to have to walk all the way inside, because all the neighbor's already know when the ambulance comes down the street, they are coming for him!! All his friends were there, cheering him on...yelling..give him some oxygen... It was mayhem... The Ambulance driver knew him on a first name basis already, and as soon as he had the oxygen, he was fine...and then he does his schtick with them ..always the joker..(hmmm do you think it runs in the family). So, they bring him back in the Health Science Centre. He is stabilized...again, but this time they didn't just drain his lungs, and send him home, they ACTUALLY TOOK SOME TESTS..believe it or not. I shouldn't be so hard on the system, because sometimes he is his own worst enemy in relaying information to the doctors.

So, I got this news at lunch today, when he had already been there since last night. I freaked. My niece called me and gave me the news. She said she would get back to me later today. I waited. I waited some more. I finally called their house tonight and I got my SIL ...and she said he had emergency surgery this afternoon, that she didn't even know about, until she visited later this afternoon. Now, he had a blockage in his heart...WTF. They told us he didn't have any blockages after the heart attack, and it was only diabetes related. Damn...I don't know who and what to believe anymore. I know he has been so tired and depressed since this whole thing started.

He should be shining in the dark by now, with all the xrays and shit he has had since this all started, and today they found a blockage..well fuckme. I say that in a gentle way...because I don't want to come across as being crude. I'm not. But I don't know how else to express myself.

The operation was about two hours, and he could watch it from a screen in front of him. He loved it. He said it was like a little pac man biting out bad stuff from his arteries..bit by bit. They inserted a catheter from his leg that went to his heart and chewed up crap..welllordyluvpacman...

I can only hope that this will solve some of his on going problems. Did I mention he suddenly developed Siatica in the meantime..he can hardly walk. fudge. And he is only 57 years old.

Till tomorrow then...who knows what lies ahead, but I can't wait to plant a big ole balonie kiss on his once chubby cheeks.


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