Sunday, September 04, 2005

The holiday is over

And so it ends, two weeks of no alarm clock to shock my system awake.  Tomorrow is still a holiday, but not belongs to some guy named labour.  If that’s the case I should have two more weeks of holidays, because all I did was labour, but in a good way.  My home is once again presentable after two years of neglect.  Sorry house, but you see I had me a problem in the tummy and became unbendy.  In those two years I only had a cleaning lady in once, because I couldn’t stand it anymore, after that I devised ways of cleaning that would put “Molly Maid” to shame.  Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way a “clean freak,” I just need a sense of order and the dust bunnies hidden.  The junk is  gone, and hopefully I will stop acquiring it.  BTW does anyone need a huge mural of dog’s playing poker, I still have one in the rec room that I forgot to give away.  

I  have an incident to report…my floor tiles are sliding off my kitchen wall in record numbers..buggers.  I guess I should have primed the wall before I put them up.  They just seem to want to rest on the bottom.  I have to keep repositioning them every hour for theloveof mike.  Tomorrow I will have to take them all down and do it over. blah  

Last night after the AA crowd went home, I had me a hankerin’ for KFC.  I had it so bad I would have grabbed a chicken out of a coup and ate em alive, providing he had the right  spices on him.  Forget the feathers.  I just wanted something greasy, carazzy huh?  I never eat greasy crap. I even wanted to eat the skin.  I never the eat the chicken skin on chicken, but I was ravenous, I just wanted the skin, a little chicken and maybe a big box of breaded chicken  “tenders” to go with that, plus greasy fries and GRAVY.  Lord, I had me a craving.  As luck would have it, I had a “Coupon”…now, this was even better.  I had twenty bucks in my wallet, with KFC written all over it.  I PHONED, and I phoned, and I phoned, all lines were busy.  I was starting to get the heby jebies…I need my fix.  No one answered the phones, I was on hold for 30 minutes!!!  Who in the hell in calling for KFC on labour day weekend, I thought the whole city had vacated and were >>at the lake>>apparently that was not the case.  Our KFC is a block from the University and of course all of those snot nosed little twits are now on campus, and ordering food on their parents dime.  Jiminy Cricket!!..was I pissed.  I never do fast food almost evar…now that I wanted it…I couldn’t have it..unless I wanted to wait .  Screw em.  So, “fudge”, I made grilled ham, cheese and tomato sandwiches..and threw a few pickles on the table…I was so pissed and so totally unfulfilled.   After supper?,  we started to watch the horror on CNN, in Mississippi.. then I brought out two huge bowls of ice-cream…big mothers!!!..with strawberries……I just wanted to eat more than I needed….strange…maybe I was watching too much CNN coverage all weekend.  When you see hunger and thirst maybe it primes your need for it.  I don’t know.  It was very strange.  

I  am making a big roaster full of baby back ribs, with rice and salad for supper.  I am still hungry.  There seems a void I must fill.  I really think that is the past three days I have had CNN on constantly, weather I’m watching it or just going about the house doing things, I really think it has affected me a lot.  

I was very surprised at my hippy girlfriend last night, I shouldn’t have been, but I was.  I mentioned the plight of those in Mississippi, and my concern for the welfare of the residents.  I may not have said this before, but she works with refugees that come to Canada from other countries that have fled for their lives for injustices inflicted upon them.  She pointed out several earthquakes, flooding, famine, that we can’t even imagine in those countries that we don’t even think about.  We read it in the paper and then forget about it.  And you know she is right.  CNN reports a blurb and it’s gone.  It’s different when we see it in our own back yards.  

Hmmm balonie is getting all serious tonight…probably because  I haven’t had my grease fix yet…..Gord just came home….I got the bibs ready, and we are going to have a greasy dinner…and get down and dirty.   I’ll probably have to take a shower to wipe off all the rib sauce off my face……

Ma belly is full, and just having some fruit for dessert.   The dog licked off the sauce from my face…jest kidding…I licked it off her face after I gave her some!  It was that good.   And the Oriental Salad was soooo the best.

I’m done….hope to get back on schedule next week and check up on my fav bloggers and do some of my own.

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