Sunday, September 18, 2005

The weekends almost over

The weekends almost over.  Thank you Lord, now I can go back to work and relax.  I have been busy, busy, busy cleaning, laundry, cooking, walking the mutt,  blah blah blah  It never frikin ends…nevar.  Got the old meatloaf in the oven,  have the veggies and potatoes cooking, plus a surprise desert…Apple Crisp with some French (yes French Vanilla Ice-cream).  

It was a typical wonderful fall day here today.  But, I wonder where the geese are..I am still waiting.  I found a very small gaggle of them on the lake today, where are their buddies?  If you “Mericans see my geese, ask em why they by-passed by house…I think maybe I am little to impatient for fall, only because I love this time of the year best.  I will include a pic of the few geese I encountered today, no thanks to Penny, who, when was asked to “stay” was breathing so heavily that my camera which was in the same hand as her leash was just vibrating!  

Just after that occurred,  a couple snuck up behind us on the path, unbeknownst to me..I guess my doggie radar was off because I always keep one eye in the back of my head for another DOG…as Penny has a problem with anyone of her own species.  There they were 10 feet behind us. I was holding the dog, my camera and a bag of dog shit.  I didn’t know what to let go of first, because I knew she was going to get hyper, and when she does that, all I do it pick her up, turn her around and tell her she is a good dog, and all is well…cough…sometimes.  Well of course I let the bag of shit go first, kept the camera on my wrist band, swaying all over the place hitting the dog in the face.  No wonder she is hyper….who do you think she gets it from?  

We had a great AA hour last night!  Every one was in fine form.  We laughed our pants off!!  Sometimes they are good, and sometimes not so much.  

I will be having guests here next month for Thanksgiving.  My nephew, wife and kids are coming out from Vancouver.  So, it will be Turkey at balonies house.  I am expecting  about 18 relatives….kill me now.  What have I done.  Why do I always raise my hand, when asked…who wants to do supper?  You know why, because I am an idiot!  Plain and simple.  It’s a good thing I cleaned up my house last month, now all those little “rug rats” will have ample space to scamper around.  

Just a thought, I was making my Apple Crisp earlier on, when I took out a measuring cup to measure my brown sugar.  I noticed all the measuring markers were almost invisible…WTF…you see the lesson in this story is…do not buy plastic measuring cups from the “dollar store”…..after one stint in the dishwasher…it’s all erased…dirt bags!!

Well, that’s it for Sunday night…

PS..does anyone know how to get my "talk to me" sidebar back? I don't know what happened to it...somebody hacked it ..yes that's it..buggers.

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