Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Tuesday and Wednesday ...coming down

My boss was out all afternoon, which leaves me with not much to do but answer the phone.  I got all my work done in the morning, and if he leaves and doesn’t have more stuff for me to do…it’s over.   I noticed the little young chickie that was here whilst I was gone on my holidays really cleaned up the place.  My boss got her to wipe it all down.  Thank you Lord.  We don’t have cleaning staff, so sometimes with all the guys (11) of them coming in from the shop to the office on a daily basis, usually in the morning before I get there; it gets pretty grungy.  However, there is no excuse for my desk.  It’s neat.  But dusty.  After awhile you don’t notice the dust until it gone……..and when I came back, everything was all “Pledge like”…my phone was slippery, I could actually read the numbers on it…Wow…My computer keyboard was shining…she got out all the crumbs out and everything.  She cleaned up the guys meeting room, it was a sight to behold.  I want her back!!  She was student who was going back to school this fall, so I don’t think I will see her again, but man…I miss her already.  

I went to McDonalds at lunch today to pick up a burger to take home.  I only live 5 minutes away from work, so I usually eat at home, but today I didn’t have any left-overs, so I thought I would treat myself..ahem.. Yes..I know..McDonald’s! . I never usually do this…Why am I explaining…anyway…nevermind, I will get to my story.  I was just leaving with burger in hand, and starting to go through the side door.  There were two adults and a little girl about 4 years old just coming in.  So, I waited for them. The little girl was in front of them, and the mother starts to pull the door open, and bumps the little critter right in the face..ohhh my…she got the bottom part of the door opener right on her nose!!  Mother, then pushes her aside to get the door open.  Meanwhile little girl, has her mouth wide open….you know the look, when they are so hurt and can’t get the crying out!!..The Mom has not yet realized she has hurt the youngin..and starts coming in towards me…and suddenly the kid finally gets her breath and start screaming… the mom and what appeared to be the gramma….took note…and gave her a once over, and  said “ it’s okay…no blood..it’s all good”!!  Then they whisked her off to the restroom.  She was quite, but she was taking that next breath like kids do before the ….AWWWWWWWWWWW…  There really was no blood, I think it was just the shock of getting a door in your face when you are only 3 feet tall and not expecting it.

I was  on one of my fav sites the other day, and came across something that made me laugh and wanted to eat at the same time.  It was a recipe for “Pig Candy”….I think everyone should indulge in this gourmet delight.  

Seriously….pig candayyyy…and you too, can make this in your own home.. Vegan’s get out my site now…or ya gonna puke.

  1. Take 1 pig…okay make that 1 lb. of bacon

  2. Lay it out strip by strip in a cookie sheet or I might suggest a pan that has sides

  3. Take some brown sugar and cover  the slabs of bacon to your liking.

  4. Bake at about 350 to get crispy, drain and let cool.

  5. Walaaaaaa Pig Candy…..

We had a lot of animal stories in the news today in Winnipeg.  The first one was there was a half grown MOOSE, right in the city limits.  It was about a mile from here, in a shopping centre.  Animal services were there and did the dart gun thing on the poor little guy.  I heard on the news tonight that he was safely brought back out into the wild.  Then there was a bear sighting on the other side of town in a residential district.  And last but not least and little pig was running around in a ditch near the city limits, apparently it was thrown from a truck hauling piggies to market..poor little piggy.   They managed to corral it and  animal services would take care of it………….ohhh yeah…they are probably having “pig candy” ..as we speak.   Now I don’t think I want to make that recipe anymore.

I called my bro tonight to see how he was doing. I try to phone him a least once a week, but he isn't a phoney kind of guy and only lets me get away with about 3 minutes of conversation. You have to know, he is the funniest guy in the world, and I love talking to him, but not on the phone. We have to be together face to face, to have our funny conversations, to insult each other, to talk our native language which no else understands (actually we poke fun at those around us) LOL...and they don't have a clue!!! We have such fun. We are kindred spirits.

But, he told me a scarey story today. He had another heart problem on Sunday night, and couldn't breath properly. He was ambulanced to the hospital, and they found he had water around his heart. Appparently, it was caused by the pace maker they put on him when he had his heart attack, and water drifted in the opening after they took it out. Fuck...I am so scared for him. His heart attack was attributed to hypertension from diabetes...He is always so upbeat with me, but I know he must be going through a lot of turmoil. He is only 57 years old, why does this shit have to happen to him!

We always had a dream in the old days at home. I was going to be a hairdresser and he was going to by a disc jockey. I was good at doing peoples hair in town (for free) no training... and he was good at doing announcing stuff at socials etc. He has the voice of a radio guy, and should have persued his dream. I prodded him to go to broadcasting school after Mom and Dad and he moved to the city. He did, but they needed a grade 12 education, which he didn't have. Later on in life he did go on to get it thru GED, but he took up a different job. So, both of us have never fulfilled our original dreams, but I can still cut a head of hair, and he still sounds like a disc Jockey when he answers the phone. So, not all is lost. I worry so much about him. He is my only family left.

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