Sunday, September 11, 2005

A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

Today was one of the most gorgeous days of the year.  A hint of fall, and warm temperatures.  Perfect for diddling around the back yard, doing a little of this and a little of that.  The squirrels are just nuts...they feel the need to store stuff already.  I have the big fat grey squirrels and the red one's in my backyard.  They were in a constant battle with each other, along with the blue jays…and the DOG.  It was a cockfight.  I added a plate  of peanuts to the mix, and lordy be…I thought I had started a war.  

It was great in the shade, but the sun was way to intense to do any doggie walking on the pavement today, so I have one dejected lookin little critter sitting beside me.  I don’t know about where anyone else lives, but when the autumn sun shines…it is intense and bright, you can’t see a foot ahead of yourself.  I would love to live in Vancouver, where they have misty days…I can’t stand that glaring ole sun.  It makes me crabby, yes, balonie gets crabby…especially when I got the sun in my eyes.  I have a pair of clip on sunglasses I got from the optometrist, but the sun sneaks in over the top of them when I’m walking, and they are good for shit.  

The weekend was uneventful, we had AA hour last night, .but the guys …hubby and his bro Ron.. went on a motorcycle ride and had problems with Ron’s bike and didn’t get back here until 8:00PM.  Gord’s bro built a bike…all bys himself, the guy is a genius….and yes, he had a glitch last night with a bolt that came flying out from somewhere….at the cost of $800.00 to repair…but the guys a millionaire, so I’m not crying a lot of tears. I can’t believe how cleaver he is….he builds computers, bikes, sound systems …you name it.  That is his talent, plus he is a renowned architect in Winnipeg.  He is sooo smart, but doesn’t really have people skills.. a total capitalist, no children, big house on the river…no real friends.  But he likes it that way, so why should I care.  He loves animals, so that is his one redeeming quality, plus he luves his bebby bro Gordon.

Did I mention, he was my first evar boyfriend, yes, he was.  We went out for about a year when I was fifteen years old, and then he dumped me.  Prick.  After that humiliating episode I hooked up with Larry a guy from Neche North Dakota.  Our towns were very close together.  Altona  was only 7 miles from the American Border.  So I had a lot of friends ..on the other side.  We went out for about a year…and he dumped me…fertheloveofatwobyfour…was it my breath???  …nahhh, I know what it was….he wanted IT….and I wasn’t supplying..IT…I wasn’t even sure at that age…what IT, was!!  I had an idea, but didn’t have any information from my piers….none..nadda..and only tidbits supplied from my friends.   I used to read True Story, a  magazine that was out at the time that depicted teenagers etc. in compromising situations, and tried to figure out what happened after they kissed and groped …but, the story always ended in the girl getting pregnant………..BUT HOW..FOR THE LOVE OF GOD..TELL ME.  

Then I met Gord, Ron’s brother after Larry dumped me.  He was a sly devil, he was, he knew the correct amount of Lemon Gin to give me, before I took me panties off!!...and be damned if I didn’t figure it all out after that.  They don’t call it panty remover for nothing.  Hey, it tasted like lemonade…but better. He didn’t hijack me, or anything, I was a willing participant …and got lucky!!...and I haven’t been dumped since!...Mind you there was ups and downs…oy vey…a lot of those…but we made it through.  

I can’t even remember my point of writing the blog…stuff just started running through my fingers….

Okay then, a few pics of today in the back yard…..don’t turn off your computer just yet…I know I even bore myself with this stuff……bear with me…(bear and bore in one sentence.. too cool).   My grammar need work.

I'm on my pretend cell phone

Freshly made Freezer Plum Jam

Mo Jam

Some flowers I haven't killed yet

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