Monday, September 05, 2005

Some more Balonie

Yesterday Penny took me for a walk. I thought I would share this wonderful experience with the internet. I took my camera with me for a change; I always seem to forget it. I was hoping the geese would be on the lakes, but they seem to be a little tardy this year.

The Park

The Lake

Other side of the lake

Penny's personal bathroom

There's that bitch from next door!

Last night was very very scary. I woke up about 2:00AM and heard the thunder rumbling way out in the west. I thought I should get up and close the patio umbrella. That thought lasted for about a second long, and I fell back to sleep. About ten minutes later I woke up with a start after hearing something banging in the kitchen. I realized it was those frickin tiles still falling off the wall. Lord. I fell right back to sleep. About half an hour later, Gord is jumping out of bed yelling, did you close the umbrella, it storming out there? “No, I yelled…I fell asleep and forgot.” We both raced to the kitchen patio doors and it started to hail like a SOB, the thunder was so loud we practically jumped out of our skins. The winds had picked up and the trees in the back were flattening. When we got to the door, the umbrella was gone. There is a huge tree that overhangs on to the patio, and I cannot believe that the umbrella somehow got airborne, flew through the trees and landed on the lawn below. We could see it laying there, all in one piece.

How did it manage to fly through those trees?

The lightning never stopped; there was a constant light show for about 5 minutes, then an almighty CRACK…when it struck something not far from the house. It was wild!! We heard the fire trucks about 5 minutes later, but I didn’t appear to be that close to us. All my begonias got ripped off their plants stands and were scattered all over the deck. Miraculously, I was able to save 4 of them. We spent the entire morning picking up downed tree branches and leaves. The umbrella remained unscathed; it simply landed on the ground intact and stayed there. We still can’t figure how it got through the trees!!

Poor flowers

I was thinking about this today, and wondering that perhaps my dad is mad at me. (Remember what my mom did?) Think about it, all the tiles falling off the wall, a violent storm hmmm. You see while I was cleaning out the living room on Friday, I removed his chair. I have had it since he died. The chair is old, but comfy and it always reminded me of him. Unfortunately, when Penny was in her “teething” stage some years back, she ate a large hole in one of the arms. Every since then I have had it covered up with one thing or another. Well, on Friday I decided it was time for it to go to “Good Will.” I had valiantly held on to it for long enough. My living room was looking all spiffy so I put it out beside the garage.

No room for Mr. chair

I couldn’t get it inside because SOMEBODY around here has it cluttered up with motorcycles, a vintage car and a utility trailer, along with a lot of other junk. Maybe, he didn’t like it sitting out there all alone? Now it’s all wet. I will try to shuffle some of the junk around and set in a corner along side Gord’s dads chair. Somehow we both acquired our dad’s chairs after they died. Weird. Maybe they can talk over the old days if they are in there together. I don’t need anymore haunting, nor old chairs.

Poor lonely chair
This is a day long blog...reporting to you I go along, feel free to click the X...before you fall asleep.

Just got back in from picking plums in the back yard...two huge ice-cream pails full. Anyone want some plums? This tree was just a volunteer I let grow after we pulled out our old tree three years ago. I have never seen so many plums!! The old tree never produced, my mom and I used to joke when she and dad had the garden here, that whoever saw the one or two plums that used to grow would win "two bits". We always bet "two bits" on everything, from the person who caught the first fish, when we went fishing and to sports.. baseball, name it. When we were out fishing we would have to pay the "two bits" up front, but later in years when we phoned each other and bet "two bits" on a game..sometimes we forgot to pay up when we saw each other. That didn't really matter, it was just the fun of the challenge. Later we would argue who owed who what. My dad and I lied our faces off and ususally my brother got stuck with paying up!

It's getting damn dark out there again, the humidity is high. Something is abrewing, and I can hear thunder way out to the west again. Looks like another thunder banger. I took the umbrella down!! Brought what is left over from my flowers closer to the door, so they won't be blown to kingdom come. I sure hope Gord gets his little ass home soon, I don't like the looks of it. It is too quiet. Last night when the storm became violent, I had made a fast plan to get to the basement just in case it was tornado. I put his wallet and cell phone in my handbag, kept my eye on the if we had to go down we would have something left. I guess I have been watching CNN too much, but a plan is better than none. the humidity is getting stifling. I will sign off and get back later. Gord just got home...okay then.

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