Sunday, March 26, 2006

Bedroom tales..R rated.

Well, Sunday nite supper this evening doesn't have a "nationality" attached to it. Unless you are a Shepherd. It's shepherd's Pie. I like to call it Sheep Herder's pie. Only because I am unbalanced. Last Sunday I mistakenly made a Hawaiian dish, and called it Chinese. So, from now on, I am only going to make things that are nationless.

Like toast.

I'm still not driving my Explorer. It sits in the garage all alone, with no plates on it. Gord wants to switch them over from the Bronco, but has not had time yet to put all his shit in the big horking, honking RV that he will be driving instead of me. Better him than me I say. I love the way he pretends to like vacationing by driving a half assed RV, to all his service calls. Hey, whatever rocks your boat! JUST, put the stinking plates on it already.

Not being able to drive it is like winning a lottery, and then someone says, you can only have the money when you are resting comfortably in a "Care Home." Fortheloveofmike.

I was a busy little beaver this week. I did a HGTV, quick and dirty, transformation of our bedroom. I didn't paint the walls, I put a 20 watt bulb in the lamp instead. What you don't see, can't hurt you. Also, it was a timesaver to be sure. I was sick and tired of my old quilt, drapes, and junk. So, I went out and bought a duvet cover, that feels like suede..looks like suede.. and is soft as a baby's bum. I took down my shabby curtains, and got some lovely corduroy one's to match the duvet cover. I love's that word "duvet". I think in my other life "I came from France"...oops there I go again with the nationality thing..I best be careful. Because sure as shit it will be a Russian word. But, I don't think so. Anyway, geez, almost lost my train of thought here...I bought these amazing curtains, and they have grommets on the top, and you push them through a rod. They look great. You probably thought corduroy was only for pants wearing.. BUZZZ...wrong. It is now being used on all fashionable bedroom, and living room ware. Hey, I just might call up the HGTV fashion police, to check out my digs. I'm getting downrite, hip! Anything would beat that old leopard print quilt I had on the bed for a decade. The week before I bought the feather bed thingamajig to put over the waterbed mattress, and now with the new deluxe fiber filled quilt and duvet cover, I will never want to get out of bed again. It's like sleeping on a cloud. Which probably explains why we didn't get up until 11:30 this morning! Penny was getting restless, she kept on butting her head on my nose, but I just pushed her away, and drifted in an out of sleep for hours. The best part about the curtains is that they don't let much light in the bedroom. Our bedroom faces east, and at this time of year, it just a party in there at 8:00 AM. So, then I can pretend it's only 6:00 AM.

So, you must be getting tired of reading my bedroom tales. I am too. It's was too "R" rated.

How about we talk about Kitchen Drawers? You know the one's, that hold all your junk. I had two of them this week, that gave way in the back, and then all you are left with a wonky drawer that sits funny. The front of the drawer looks like it is pouting, and has a "lip on". And when you pull it out, she is not as graceful as she once was. There is a scrapping noise. When you finally get it open, and retrieve your spatula, then close the drawer, it goes "clunk"..and pouts.

The problem, my friends is a little piece of plastic. A piece about 2"x 3" shaped like a little box, with screw holder thingies to hold it in place. Apparently, if you own a house over 25 years old, all cabinet suppliers, and Home Depot, shrug their shoulders. They say, we don't speak older a new one. Or better yet, buy a new kitchen from us with hardware that will last you a lifetime. Yeah, good pitch arseholes, how much longer will I need it? I just want a piece of plastic that will fit my drawers. Well, not mine, but those in the kitchen. If it were mine, then that would be a different story, most anything would fit in my drawers!

There, you have my week in a rather huge nutshell.

I had planned on changing my blog "look"...but didn't have time. I still liked the one I had with the ocean and the palm trees, but I have to work on that one, because some said they had trouble loading it.

My Shepherd just emailed me...supper is ready! You gotta love them sheepherders!

Yours truly,

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