Thursday, March 30, 2006

I'm, all Tanya Tuckered out.

How does that poem go: Now I sit here broken hearted, went for a shit and only farted! yeah..there is still some life in me head! But, not for long. I have been sniffling and baling out the basement all day.

I bet all of you thought there were no more pictures of Dogs Playing Poker...wrong...

We have towels in all the corners, it doesn't do much good, but better that it getting further.

The Handi Dandy Shop Vac is prepared to go.. and notice how the water is coming up on the ugly blue carpet...

And this is the rest of the shit I will try to save, but I don't know why..

As shitty as I feel, I even went out and started chopping ice, and making trails to lead it out to lower ground, so it wouldn't pool on the side of the garage. To no avail. This is tough Canadian water, it goes where she wants to go. I chipped and chipped with my new spade I bought last summer, to dig my water pond with. You know the one, where Gord, laughed in my face, and said "this shovel is bent, how much did you pay for it?" I had to take my homey aside and tell him is was a ergonmically correct shovel, so one does not have to take their "60" some year old bones and crunch them while digging. Today, he had disdain for it again, all I could hear is "where is the axe" I know where the axe is?!!! Ohhh yeah, the axe. It's beside the headboard in our bedroom. I need it when I feel like axing you. Axing me what he says?...Obviously the two little birds that were flying overhead, were too loud for him to hear me. It certainly wasn't the gush of water being freed from it's ice cage.

I have his bag all packed to go to Montreal with his bro tomorrow. He said, don't put too much in there, we will be back by Saturday night...and I said, like hell you will, you will sleep on the road. Well, I didn't mean SLEEP on the road, I was thinking of a cheap motel. He is all a fluster because of the water coming in the house, and I don't blame him, but I am a big girl, and I can phone a plumber who will charge us 10,450.67 to fix it. I'm thinking that is why he wants to come home to his bride.

He never, ever gets to go anywhere, so I feel for him, now with this stress he can't enjoy the trip, which he really does deserve.

Back to packing his bag, we don't travel too much and I have given away so many traveling bags that I have acquired over the years. So today, when I looked for one, nadda. I was evisioning putting his toothbrush and gautch in a Safeway bag, but ...but I remembered that my boss had given me a Travel Safety Kit, a reward we all get at work if we don't stub our toes, or get electrocuted. It's cute handy dandy bag, but I had to take out all the innards, because he will be flying. The tow rope (with the metal ends) would probably not get by security. The first aid kit had an exacto knife...gone..a pair of jumper cables, not such a good idea, so I left a flashlite, some medical stuff, and road reflectors in there, in case they need help while driving back from Montreal. I am sure I can stuff some more treats he won't expect in there before he leaves. Like the dog.

Nothing is too good for my Gord.

I have to admit, I am a little hesitant about all this. As much as we make fun of each other, I feel very awkward about this. I always know where he is and he always know where I am..(in his face) LOL...j/k. I worry about the trip. But, I guess, that's what happens in life if you have been married as long as we have.

I'm pooping in my party here, I will drive him and his bro to the airport tomorrow, add the exacto knife to his baggage, and see if he isn't home an hour later!!!

I have my ways!!

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