Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I think I broke a meme law

Joe challenged me. I have to report 5 wierd habits I have.

1.)When Gord is telling me a story, I have heard 4,668 times before:

I pretend to listen, while I am doing what I do. Every once in awhile,
I will glance up at him and make eye contact, and repeat the last word of his sentence, and say "and why was that?" or "sounds good to me." We both love having those intimate conversations. That is what keeps our marriage alive.

2.) I have tee shirts older than some of my nephews... I never throw a tee shirt away, even the one my girlfriend gave me that says "I'm Stupid"...and she had the one that said "Stupid is with me"... I knew she was kidding..She was, wasn't she?

3.)okay...let's just say, I like dark humour, and find some stuff funny most people wouldn't. Some shit just breaks me up, but it has to be the right thing, or I don't laugh..nope. I go...loser!!

4.) I don't like to watch TV very much. I get figetity. It makes me nervous. Just when I want to see something, the commercials come on, and I loose interest, right there and then. A.D.D. I know! I can't bear waiting for anything. Let's just call # 4 impatient.

5.) I like smelling my dog's butt...just kidding...butt..she has it in my face every morning when I get up...I'm sort of getting used to it. It smells like last nights supper. LOL

Barf..in this bag now...if ya haffta...

That's what you gets when you asks balonie to meme.

Now, I am supposed to meme 5 other people who read my blog.

That could be a problem...I know of only a few who tune in, but I don't think I have five. I know Brenda has done it already...so..that leaves...

Nanny (but I think her blog is down)
Special K

So if they see this, they can do it too. I won't be pushing them to answer it.

I hope I didn't break a meme law, and get kicked out of the internet..lardy!

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