Thursday, March 23, 2006


But is tasted like shit. Hey, that's not new around here, I have a good cooking week and the next one is the pits. I even fucked up spagetti on Tuesday!! go figure. I keep over thinking our meals, because I am so bored with the day to day mundane fare. I need a tasty treat. LIKE...barbequed baby back ribs...slopping in rich red sauce..a stack of onion rings, a side of fries.....and some really tangy coleslaw. Man, I'm getting hungry. But, tonight we are having grilled ham and cheese samiches, dunked in Campbell's tomatoe and rice soup. I like that to. But, I might just put a stink to that one too, who know's these days.

My hubby is going to Montreal. I can't quite put this in words that would not take me off the internet, but he and his bro are picking up a BMW that his rich bro bought from some guy in PEI. The guy in PEI, is driving it all the way to Montreal to meet them. Gord and his bro are flying out next Friday to meet him, and drive it back to Manitoba. Both overachievers ..they believe this is a holiday. Get on a plane on Friday, fly to Montreal, meet the guy, and pick up the car and drive straight back to Manitoba. Both Gord and his brother have done this 2 times befor, they buy a vehicle from farrrrrrrrrrr far away, and pretend they are having a holiday by driving it day and night back home. I cannot tell you how much this stresses me out.

You know the "big horking honking RV I always talk about?...well they did the same thing there... but this time they actually drove our old van up to BC from Winnipeg and traded it in on the big guy, and drove right back to Winnipeg in two days...hardly any sleep,....just driving... I just hate that. I was hoping that would never happen again, and now it has. At least this time the are flying out to get the vehicle, not driving both ways. I need a shrink! make that a drink.

Gord and his brother are so alike in so many ways, work is there life...both own their own business's and they can never rest! It makes it very hard on me sometimes, because I feel guilty for taking my vacation time from work, without getting the "eye" "what are you going to do"?...They cannot IMAGINE taking time off to just do something other than work. I have struggled with this over our marriage, my folks always made time for a two week holiday every summer. We just packed up and rented a cottage with my Uncle and Aunt and the cousins and went to the Whiteshell ..and had a blast. I tried so hard over the years to get him to take some time off to enjoy time at the lake, when I would rent a cabin and get my SIL's and their kids to join me in my summer holiday. He never would. And he never will. His family owned a restaurant when he was young, and never had the time to go on any holiday, and the work ethic stayed with all of them. work 24-7.

Gord talks about all the good times we will have when we retire...HE..will never retire..and maybe that is a good thing, because he knows no other way, he has to stay busy. I like to stay busy too, but I also like to incorporate some of my hobbies and passions that I have for certain things into the mix.

You see, he has never worked for "the man"...he has been his own boss, and taken all the risks involved, but also enjoyed all the perks of not kissing anyone's ass, or getting up at 7:00AM every day of every week if he didn't want to. But I, have always worked for the man..and feel entitled to my holidays etc. He doesn't get it. He would if he was under someone else's thumb everyfrickingday!!..and somedays I feel I am under the thumb of not one but two boss and Gord.

I don't understand, why everything in our lives...turns out to be some kind a drama..he cannot live without drama. He will turn a little episode into something so much bigger than it needed to be. I gets so tired of it.

Oh well, I have probably given you more information than you need...

This was a balonie "rant"...over and out.

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