Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sunday Sundries..cleaver huh?

Just a note before I continue...I put a message to everyone on the post below.

I was having so much fun today with my new headset. I am damn near cool. But, of course it took hours to get it to work. I'm thinking about wearing the headset in my new SUV. Not only will I get more respect, but they just might think I am a radio "traffic reporter"..and.!!, I might need a chopper.

The SUV, is sitting in the garage. We don't have plates on it yet. This afternoon Gord and I sat in it. We made all the toys do there stuff..and we marveled. If you close the door, IT LOCKS..I don't know about that. There is a little thing on top of the visor that tells you the temperature...fortheloveofaSUV how stupid is that?..I know how cold it is before I get into it. Dumbasses. You pay for crap like that. Now, if they would have given me a heated steering wheel, it would be a different story. That is something I could use! I even have a CD player, okay, like I have two CD's in my collection. The only bad part about leaving the ole RV for this guy, is I can't watch TV at red lights. Just kiddin.

Tonight, I am experimenting with a new recipe I made up in my very own little head. I call it "Pot Roast With A Difference." Likely the only difference will be, that we both go to bed hungry because it tasted like shit. You see, winter is waning, and maybe one should put the potatoes, root vegetables, and gluey gravy to bed. So, it only seemed logical I try to "spring" it up a bit. The real difference is, that it is now, Chinese Pot Roast. Somehow, I don't think Chinese people make pot roasts. pot stickers maybe, but not pot roast. I am about to change that. Are you listening Chinese People?

Here is how you do it:

Take a cheap round roast

Add some oil, and crank the burner to "high"

Season it with Hy's Seasoning Salt, and Garlic powder.

Put it in the pot..carefully now, because the burner is on high, and you wouldn't want to burn your eye.

Brown it on all sides.

Rest...and have a glass of wine.

Once it is browned, add half a cup of water and a 1/4 cup red wine (if you have any left)

Bring it back up to boil...and then park that baby on simmer.

Have another glass of wine, or go on the internet looking for a better pot roast recipe. could do both.

Once you smell the aroma of your efforts, lift the lid to take a little sniff, and if you scald your face, you have lifted it too quickly, the yea old pot roast is unforgiving, so just be a little careful, okay? Get medical attention.

If the pot roast still seems bland,look in the fridge and see what you have on hand.

Personally, I had a jar of pineapple chunks, packed in it's own juice. You see where I am going with the Chinese stuff now?

Okay, take jar of pineapple along with the juice, slap it in a bowl, then add some soy sauce, more garlic powder and cornstarch, and mix it all about.

Throw it in the pot. And bring it up to boil again, then back to simmer.

Have another glass of wine. Simmer for 2 days.

Then make some rice, and veggies, and it's all good.

I can't wait till Gord gets home..

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