Monday, March 27, 2006

Rapping...Ode to our basement..

This is just a little "R" rated, because that what Rappers like me do.

Feel the beat!

Here is a little ditty,
About our weeping tiles in the city, boom, boom..

In years gone by,
You used to cry..
And our basement was dry. ...dry .. dry .. dry

Now, the tears have dried,
And let the water from outside begin to...slide .. slide..
Into our basement. Whore. Bam Bam...

Ice and cold have gotta hold,
On your pipes for sure,
So let's take a propane torch to that sucker
For a cure, for sure ...bam bam..whore.

Weep for me again, you bitch
And make the water,
Go away into a ditch..
Like it otter...bam bam whore.

For the last two years,
We have struggled with your shit,
And the time has come,
To thow a fit...bam ... fit.. whore

Someone must have poured
A bucket of "no more tears" yer pipe ya hear
Your letting the water win
I fear... (rapping sounds happening) ... really mad ones.

All, I gotta say,
If I see any more water coming my way.
I will be forced to let it get soaked and sag,
You stinking little douche bag... bam bam..

And if this continues,
Dear House,
I will be forced to sell you
To a unsuspecting louse... bam bam....

I hope the weeping tiles were listening, because they needed a talking (rapping) to.

Play this blog backwards, and you will hear John Lennon singing an Elvis song.

I just read my blog to Gord. I think he might be taking me a better place.

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