Wednesday, March 29, 2006

No Arks for sale on ebay...

The water is winning. We have a huge ice dam beside the garage and the gate to the back yard, and it seems the water is going under the garage floor, and then down on the South wall of the wrecked room. I suspect the weeping tiles are geput or frozen! Time to move!!!

Perhaps if we weren't so lax in our snow removal in the back 40 this might not be happening. But, I guess we got spoiled when the house was newer, and it never became a problem. Fortunately, I have never been a rec room type of person, especially in this house (a 4 level split)..because we would never make it up and down the stairs every night of TV viewing and such. Everything that was down there when we moved in, is still the same. Butt ugly. So, any water damage will not hurt my feelings. It's just the damn inconvenience right now, we have go down and shop vac it up every 4 hours! I tried unplug the jam, but the ice is like 6 inches in places and we can't get it to budge just yet. Anyone want to come for a swim? Penny thinks it's cool, as she runs through it, splashing everywhere.

Well, I "wrapped" up my rapping career. Just in case some talent scouts were reading my blog and wanted to make me a star. Unless Phyllis wants to start a group with me...I'll rap and she can do the drums! I'll have to come up with a name for our Yo!

My stinking boss, coughed, sneezed, and snorted all over me on Monday with a bad cold. Guess who he gave it too. MF..

I feel like a Gravel Truck ran over me. The crap of it all is, that I have taken Thursday and Friday off, to do Gord's bookkeeping for 2005, and get it ready for taxes. And I can feel myself fading already. Shoot. When I mentioned this to boss man today, he felt bad, I could tell. I have worked there 10 years, and have had two colds, both from him. He snorts and sneezes, and makes funny noises in his throat..and not a kleenex in sight. I made a mental note, to wash my hands anytime he handed me something, or when he sneezed in my face. I washed my hands, but I must have forgot to wash my freaking face.

The insides of my ears are itchy, and my voice has gone from soprano, to alto. It's kind of cool. I'll have to put on my mike and headphones, and sing some Janis Joplin tunes. No, internet pals I won't record that on "Stickam" and subject you to
my tuneless voice. Well, maybe I could "rap" it...??

Gord will be gone this weekend. Thanks buddy, for letting me deal with the water, my cold, and your bookkeeping. I love taking time off work. Well, maybe if I'm sick I will have to put it off, I sure as hell don't want to pay anymore money to Revenue Canada than I have to...and that just might happen if I'm not sharp enough with doing the books.

Okay, I am boring myself. Do you hear something ringing? I have a ringing sound in my ears! My mom always said if you had a ringing in your ears, someone was thinking of you! But, in my case it may be just one too many tylenols. Or were you really thinking of me. Weird man.

Okay..beddy time for this zombie.......

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