Monday, March 06, 2006

I bought a micro fiber bedsheet. Everyone in the whole great white north should have one of these. It's like cuddling up to a huge cuddly polar bear. It is soooooo soft, it will melt your innards. They even have pillow cases made of the same fiber. It is so comfy. I put in on our bed Friday night. BTW, the waterbed is getting pretty high (as in tall) by now, I have the feather bed on top of the water mattress, plus a old comforter, and then I put the fiber bedsheet on top of that. I hope I don't fall out of bed, I could get a concussion. If I get into any trouble now, I will just keep my set of keys with me in bed ...and press the red panic button if have any troubles .. and my buddy will go "honk honk." Gord might just wake up.

I scored a cheap waterbed heater on EBAY, so we should be getting warmer soon, without all the extra underwear. We are getting a new bed and didn't want to buy a new heater that costs about 100.00 bucks, so this will do until we find the bed we want.

On another note. My van. This morning when I went out to go to work, the top of old smokey had about 3 inches of soft snow on her. I started to back off the driveway, and it all came a'tumbling down on me windshield, like an avalanche. I put on my wipers and got most of it out of the way. I went to work, and when I left to go home for lunch later I had a huge crack on the windshield, from one side right down to the other! Shucks!! I called Gord and told him what happened, and he said there was a little crack way down on the bottom of it when he bought the van and something might have triggered it. My thinking was, all that HONKING she did this weekend was just to much for the ole girl.

She just cracked up.

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