Friday, March 17, 2006

Well if my face ain't red

I just logged in, and all my rants were showing!! I couldn't see them, and every time I hit "publish"...I had a big RED ERROR SIGN. I logged in a complaint, but I never heard from them. Maybe they don't like Canadians. Next time I see them, I will be giving them a wedgie they won't forget.

I have been fighting with this sumabitch since Wednesday. I still don't trust it. I will save this as a draft right now, and see if she works. BRB.

Well, that was dumb. You can't view it if it was saved as a draft. Am I daft? Perhaps.

I deleted the posts, because I thought they were corrupted, thinking that was making blogger mad. Ahhhh forget it, they were lame little pieces of crap anyway.

Okay, back to regular scheduling.

Okay, then. So how was your day? I milked my dog. Just kidding.

All this hoopla, and nothing to say, what was my problem?

I do have some news, my hippy chick girlfriend, is having some serious problems with her new boob. Some of the skin they stitched on it, did not take..and is now dead tissue...leaving her with a "hole"..on the bottom of the breast. She just found this out on Wednesday when she went for a check up and they took off all the scabs and stuff from the surgery. So, this means they have to get the two pieces of skin on either side of the hole to meld together...yuck. This will require a little tricky stuff, that they never expected it to happen. But, such is surgery I guess. I felt so sorry for her. She finally had her dream, and was whole again, (no pun intended) and now this. I will talk to her tomorrow and get more details on what the doctors have said.

Hey, you guys...if you don't want to read gory stuff, don't read an old fart's blog, because at my age it ain't gonna get better.

Talking about better. Guess what? Go on...guess. Nevermind..I am going to get my own personal new (used) Ford Explorer. Goodbye big honking horking forking oldfartmobile. I HAVE A SUV! It's pay back time baby, for all the people who have been laughing at me on the road driving to work each day. I know who you are. I know you all are a little scared of me because I was so much bigger than your puny pieces of metal. But, I acted like a gentle giant would. I was kind and compassionate and forgave you for the looks of disdain I got from from you. BUT, if I see anymore of your chicken little's "smirks" in my direction, I will run you off the road, you "pavement pricks"..I got bumpers bigger than your mama's...

Hold on here balonie girl, you is getting mighty feisty, I say!!

Yeah, that's what happens when blogger shuts you down, you need to vent.

I have to get back to the kinder and more gentle side of my nature. AND wouldn't you know it...Norton just started to do a virus scan! T h i s m e a n' s I c a n o n l y t y p e a t t h i s s p e e d.

N o w, I a m n o t o n l y m a d a t b l o g g e r, I h a t e m y c o m p u t e r.

B e s t R e g a r d' s
J o a n

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