Sunday, January 11, 2009

Clean up time

The tenant who finally left our little rental house at the end of December made a mess. I can't believe what he did. I can't believe how dirty it was. I can't believe what people who you give the benefit of the doubt when they are in financial trouble do to you. I was dumbfounded. I truly am. Twelve years ago, I spent 3 months along with a carpenter renovating this little house. It was a great experience, and both of us poured our hearts into making a run down house into a new home. The little house resides beside a building we own, and we always wanted to keep our options open just in case we needed the property for parking. But so far we haven't and the house was rentable after we renovated it. So, that is what we have been doing. We were lucky, we had a great couple living there for all these years up until last year when they moved and bought their own home. By this time the little house was showing some wear and tear, so we thought we would reduce the rent and try to keep it alive long enough until we decided to do something else with the property. It was still neat and clean and was very nice but apparently we rented it to two jack asses. I think I told this story before..if I did "nevermind"

So, to make a long story short, I will show you some of the pictures I took of my little house on Friday. The house was an average older home, but it did have some nice features in the dining room had two pillars on each side, and it was so cute. We installed all new kitchen cabinets, countertops, appliances, and a new bathroom , as well as a upright washer and dryer. We also put new flooring throughout, and everything was given a fresh coat of paint and all repairs were made inside and out.

I wish I had pictures when we did the reno, to show the comparison now, but that was in the days before digital cameras.

anywho...look at this shit show..

This is the back of the little house with all the garbage he left behind. The house still looks the same, but without the garbage.

This is what we found in the kitchen. Look at the linoleum!! Look at the mess.

This is the bathtub. He had two little children living here. I dare you to click to make it bigger..I don't want to scare you.

This is the sink.

This is the dining room.

This is the oven.

This is where he build a blind in the house so no one could see in, along with crap he put around the AC unit...OMG. Then he tore it down before he left. He must have painted the living room, it is so ugly. It's a horrible colour and he destroyed all my window seats. I hate that son of a bitch.

Upstairs leading to the kids bedrooms he changed the height of the doorknobs. Why, would would he do that? I am guessing so the kids couldn't get out of there. That fucking bastard. We had child and family services over there because we were worried, and they said the house was acceptable, but we had never been in it before now. What a bunch of assholes. Both bedroom doors had been tampered with. He probably put them in their rooms when he had to go out, because he didn't have anyone else around there to babysit them.

Using rags and socks to cover up a broken window.

Two screen doors which have been torn off plus junk beside it.

It goes on and on.

It's really strange, how one individual who cannot even pay his rent can use the system to stay in a rental home and trash it. As long as he plays the "I am poor, and I have two kids card." We had no idea what the interior looked like until we went in a few weeks ago, but now after he left and trashed's even worse. I cannot believe "child services didn't pick up on it." Every time we tried to get in, he would call the police and things escalated, so we just let it ride out, because for some reason he thought he only had to be out on December 31st. He had the notice to be out on October 31st. So perhaps he didn't have his reading glasses on. Whathefuckever. He had the nerve to call us slum landlords, when he never once called us for any repairs. I guess that is what happens when your landlord still believes your lies when you are in 3,000.00 in arrears.

Gord cleaned the whole place up today. I don't know what we are going to do with my little house. I think it will cost too much to renovate again, because it's pretty old, or we might just "pave paradise and put up a parking lot."


Brenda said...

That is so sad Miz Joan. I'm constantly amazed at how some people don't seem to have any decency or a conscious.

Sally said...

The pictures say it all. Unbelievable that someone, especially with children, would live in those conditions when all he had to do was pay rent, and call you for repairs. I can't fathom the door knobs being moved up like that. The front and back doors maybe IF he was with the kids and afraid they'd get hurt by going outside when he was sleeping.
Such a shame that you and Gord had to put up with this!!

Donna said...

OMG....those poor children...that's a horrible way to live.
I just don't understand Why things like this happen Joan...hughughugs

cocoabean said...

What a jerk! It likely wouldn't pay to sue him for repairs, either. I long ago decided I would never want to be a landlord.. that's a good example of why. Sorry that happened to you!