Friday, January 16, 2009

Post Its only work if....

You take the time to write down something legible on them. I have five sitting on my desk. Apparently I had an idea for a blog, or an important appointment, or I wanted to write a letter to Bill Gates on how much I loved Windows. I have no idea what they mean. One says, Kiltz. Kiltz? Like I would remember that. Did I Kiltz someone in my sleep? Or was it Bill Gates? I'm not sure. Some days I'd like to harpoon the bastard, and other days...ehhh he's not so bad.

There was a "post it" that said for a msg bite. I must have written this one in my sleep because I have no idea what that means.... and I only wrote that one twenty minutes ago!! It will come to me. It was an idea for a post! TWENTY MINUTES AGO! No more shorthand.

The next one I found said.."Break in your new hips".....I remember this one, because there is this commercial where this old guy asks this old broad to dance with him to "break in his new hip"...and I laughed really hard, and suffered some incontinence of my own. Lesson here is...don't laugh at the elderly. You are THIS CLOSE. So, shut the fuck up.

The next one said "Top Bum"....179x226px Java Script Void. Again, I don't know what that means. Apparently I was trying to download porn, and needed it in to be in a specific format. That would be me, I have to be in control. But I can't find that picture. Damit. God only knows where I filed that sucker.

Post It's...the little sticky buggers who rule my world are starting to piss me off. It's not their fault, only mine. I write partial thoughts on them, and think I might remember what the hell I was thinking. Not so much, most of the time.

It's still mighty cold out here. We are just coming out of the deep freeze. Tomorrow we should be back to normal temps, if you call 10c. normal. Four weeks of this has almost done me in and it's more than a body can bear. We are sending this cold mass to Ontario...and then to the US of A. Deal with it.

DO YOU SEE WHAT THE COLD HAS DONE?....I have nothing more to say, "brain freeze" has taken hold.

I'll be back, and you will be sorry.


Brenda said...

I luvs ya Miz Joan, but I sure wish you had kept these danged icicles up there in Canada. I've had my fuzzy lined moccasins on that Kat sent me for 3 days now, only took them off to take baths.

Donna said...

Top Bum??? That sounds Interesting!!!Hahaaa...
You and me Both! You should See my desk! Notes Everywhere! Maybe one day I'll just file them...Warm night sweetie!hughugs

Sally said...

Yeah, we're starting to feel it here in the USofA - thanks a lot pal!!

I can't even put two sentences together to make a post, so you're doing better than I am!!

Smart Mouth Broad said...

And I thought I was the only one. I do this all the time. Write little SMB shorthand on a note only to come back days later and say what the.....? Misery loves company. Welcome to my world.