Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sonofabitch I mad and cold

It can't get colder than this. I am chilled to the bone. With the wind factor I am sure its forty below. Last night I noticed that the cord to our water bed heater (yes I am a hippy of the 60's) had become dislodged, due to some vigorous vacuuming on my part beside the the wall plug. It became an ice bed. It takes a few days to cool off, and yesterday it became noticeably cold, even the dog lay on the bed..with her tits up! I plugged it back in last night and I just tested it and now it's about 9,769 degrees and going to bed tonight will be like going to Florida for a vacation. That is how we get our kicks in Canada. We frolic in a warm water bed. I have never felt so drained by the weather until this year. I usually take it in stride, but this cold snap has got me down.

I put up a icon on my sidebar that says Grace in small things. You are supposed to find something good about every day for 365 days a year. Wellllll this was not a good time for that was it? But what the hell

Day 1 of 365 :

I am grateful I only froze my ass, not my mouth, so I can still bitch about how cold it is.

I am grateful my dog can now lay on the waterbed...tits down

I like the my big ole santa pants...they keep me bum warm.

That would be all.


Poolie said...

Your Santa pants are very powerful. Indeed, a blessing!

Dorie said...

Sometimes there's days where you're stuck being grateful for the small things. I'm grateful to be in Maryland where it's -2C and icing, and not in Manitoba where the cold would probably p'ss me off!

Sally said...

I'm grateful your fingers didn't freeze so you can still write your creative posts!!

Hope it warms up for you guys soon!

Donna said...

I loved our waterbed..but it was hell getting in and out of it.
I could not Stand all that cold!! You're a Brave woman!! (((WARMHUGS)))

Kyleen said...


I have not been around the blogs much these days. Your blog always makes me laugh out loud so I don't know why I stayed away for so long! Glad to read your sense of humor is still intact despite the COLD. Here in Minnesota it's been a long cold winter too but then again all our weather comes down from Canada. Mmmm?

Joan said...

Yes, Poolie, my santa pants they are magic.