Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I think I scared God

After all my tirades, a miracle happened and it turned warmer today. I didn't know I had so much power!

It's like Phoebe on "Friends" when Monica was trying to find what a mysterious light switch was for in her apartment and after a whole episode of trying to track it, we found it turned the TV on and off in Chandlers apartment. Then when she toggled the switch on and off Phoebe thought she had powers. She thought she was doing it.... blinking her eyes...haaaa I loved that one. Yes, I admit I watch "friends" re-runs while I make shut up.

Drapery Panels:

I have them, and you probably have them. At work today we got a shipment from a supplier in Eastern Canada. I was busy at my computer reading your blogs, when two of the guys came up to me and said "Score"..."look at what the supplier used as packing material." It was two packages of silk drapery panels. It was like we won the lottery! We opened them faster than a little kids at Christmas. I thought, being a "girl" that I would probably have first dibs on them, but soon found out that both of them were very very interested in them. One of the guys is married the other one is recently divorced. The recently divorced one, who actually found them in the box really wanted them. So, I did a demonstration, (because I am a girl and I know a lot of shit about this stuff). I took the panels out of the plastic casings, and tried to demonstrate how to hang them. Divorced guy, was a little confused. I showed him how to hang the panels as per the instructions on the back of the package. First he had to get a "rod"....blah blah. Then he said, "they look too long." I, who professes to be a decorator told him that they were supposed to "pool" at the bottom because they were silk. He bought it. But, I told him they had to be ironed because they were full of folds from being squished up as packing material. Ohhh, these young divorced men..... he didn't have an iron. Now what? Did she get the iron in the settlement? So, we decided he was going to take them to his mom's house and let her iron them. And I told him not to get too crazy about telling his friends he scored drapery today, because they are going to call him gay. Just looking out for "my boys."

Hold on...I pressed publish... I still have to do my Grace in Small I haven't spelled checked...go away. I will be right back.

Day 2 of 365:

Grace in Small Things:

Penny didn't shit on the rug today

I got to teach a few youngins about drapery hanging

It warmed up...finally.

So there.


Brenda said...

Good for Penny.
Good thing for the boys they have you.

And I'm glad it's warmer up there.

Can you find out when it's going to warm up down here?

Sally said...

a lot to b e grateful for! What's up with this comment thing? :)Yessiree - you have

Donna said...

Good Girl, Penny!!hahaa...Lucky boys to have you around...sweet to let him have them! I don't think a boy can have too many Moms in their lives! Happy day sweetie! Enjoy the "warmth"!!hughugs

Nicole said... got warm weather and we got your snow. Thanks! Now I can be the crabby one...Grrrrr.

Poolie said...

Yay for Penny! Now that it's warmer, you can set aside your Santa pants and wear some shorts! Well, maybe not YET....but it's something to look forward to.