Friday, January 23, 2009

Looking upwards

I joined the Brenda Photo Challenge and the theme is "looking upwards."

As is my way.... I totally forgot about it until just right now. Deadline. I'm looking upwards right now and saying a prayer, because I have got sweet dick all. I feel obligated to at least post 4-5 pictures, but I mostly take pictures that don't involve anything upwards. As it is, I usually cut off the head of any subject I am taking a picture of, and I have many many pictures of my feet for lack of any attention span whatsoever! I have been weighing the alternatives of going into google and stealing some pics and calling them my own, or go through my vast database of bad pictures in hope of finding one of the sky or an airplane.

So, now that I have "told on myself".... I may as well wade in...and try to find 4-5 shots I took that don't involve my feet.

Too late

Still searching.

Okay, now that's better this a hot air balloon flying ( do they fly or just coast?") past our house. There is a funny story to go with this picture. The reason it was so low was because it ran out of gas and was making a slow descent, and landed on the highway about a mile from our house. Not only have I found "Looking Upward Pictures," I have stories to go along with them. I'm getting good at this. And no, the passengers were not hurt, but I think hitting pavement instead of a cow pasture might have caused them to seek out Chiropratic help.

Let's see what else I can find.

Hey, this is for real, I didn't steal this from Google, I took it from my deck. I can't wait for summer again.

I'm going back in..hold on to your shorts! Dammit.

Now this one was taken out my front window in spring. Apparently I look up more than I thought. It looks like the sky is on fire. Or a neighbouring home. But no, this had a better outcome than the balloon incident.

Okay, how many is that?...scrolling back...that's 3 excluding my foot picture. Weren't my slippers darling?

Okay, this the last one, and for those that know me best...will know what is to come.

I just can't wash that man out of my hair.

Honestly, I see him everytime I look upwards.

I have completed my committment without cheating. Now if I could get Angel Man to come a little closer, some cheating might happen.


Brenda said...

Ha! The photo of your foot is my favorite. I see you had your feet well covered.

I should have known Angel Man would sneak in there somewhere.

Thank you so much Miz Joan for doing the challenge with us! They're all great "Looking Upward" pics! I hope you'll keep joining us.

Jeanne said...

hehe you are just to funny girl. Hey angel..wings...upward. It works. Fun post.

Donna said...

Hahahahaaaa..I love the shoe shot...and those sky shots are Gorgeous!!!
I Do worry for you sweetie...Angelman might fly back out of your life again leaving you a "broken" woman...LOLOL...I'll be praying for you...FUN SHOTS!!!hughugs

Sally said...

You always crack me up! At least you did it - my camera is broken; or that is my excuse anyway. :)

Donna said...

OH MY! First of all, you made me laugh with the shoes. And then I got entranced with the skyward pictures (fabulous sunset - WOWsers!) and descriptions. But then WHAMMO - there's angel man!!!!!!! Now my heart is racing and I've got a song going in my head. Thank you for the funniest post of this whole challenge! High-five it, girl!

Butterfly Gardener said...

To never look up you have some great pictures LOL! Love them all.

Maria said...

Wow, looking up and seeing angel man... Hm, great thing!

Sharon Ellery said...

What a cack! That angel man is a honey and those slippers so darn cute! I loved your photos and stories. Great job!


Poolie said...

I ADORE angel man! Will you share?

Karen M said...

LoL...You always come through in HIGH fashion...Angel Man fits so many categories. You could just post him daily!!

Joan said...

Hey thanks for all your comments, glad you liked it.

And Donna, Angel Man, will never leave me a broken woman...We will meet in the here after...I am sure.

Donna said...

HAHAHahaaaa...OhGod...I needed this...I just read your comment on my Brenda Challenge pictures about my fan shot...LOLOLOLOLOLOL...GADS...I showed it to Larry and I swear we laughed till tears were flowing!! We needed that! Our office Secretary walked out Fri..(she was stressed)LOLOLOL....
Thanks for the laughter sweetie!! And I'm sure you know best about Angel Man....HAhahaaa....hughugs

Curtis said...

Nice photos but I think the slippers should be entered into some contest. They got my vote. I was catching up on my reading and now with all the laughing I have to catch my breath. You sure know how to make someone laugh.

Andrea (Off Her Cork) said...

A balloon! I love balloons, that just made my day. :D