Sunday, January 18, 2009

Coupons Poopons........

Busy day, laundry, chopping ice and dog piss of my deck, and trying to figure out a new phone I bought yesterday. I had two coupons from Staples one for 30 bucks earned points and the other for twenty bucks I got off the internet. I had 50 smackaroo's to blow on Saturday. As you well know 50 bucks wont buy you very much at any store, never mind Staples.

But there I was Saturday afternoon armed and ready. We have a wall phone in the kitchen that I totally detest. I can't read the "call display"...'s run by a battery and I can't see it. And it's teeny weeny. So, I bought another corded phone that has the largest call display on the planet. I can see this sucker from a mile away. tells you the time, the date and whole bunch of other crap you don't care about. The phone cost me 23.99. Score. But as you know...If it's to good to be true ..back off.

Without going into too much stupid detail .. When I got it home, it didn't fit on the wall receptacle. Finally I took it off and put it on the table. Much better. But I had to do a lot of work to hide the receptacle on the wall. . You don't want to know. If I keep it I will take a pic. Then when I was trying to set it up the features, I put in the new dates etc. got everything running, and then I saw a ring tone feature you could apply. Hey, why not look into that "says I the stupid jerk I am." It said, press #1 if you want it to be a regular ring tone, or press 2-8 to hear alternate ring tones. I pressed 2-8 and heard all 7 of the most unbelievable awful music you have ever heard. And with the pressing of buttons and shit I may have saved one of them. It scared the dog. So, I went back in and tried to delete what sounded like the Chinese Anthem. Nope..I seem to be stuck with it for now. If that doesn't alert you to a call, then nothing will. Then I dilly dalleyed with the voice activated call display. Apparently I have not learned my lesson. I set it up for voice activation. Now, here is where it gets funny. I called my home phone from my cell to test this out. Lets just say my cell phone number was 931-0751. The female voice comes on my home phone and says you have a call from nine shree un- ero seben fie un. I have the feeling this phone was made in another country, and along with the Chinese marching songs on my ring tone. At least I could get rid of the voice activation, but I still can't get back the regular ring tone. There is a 1-800 number I will be calling tomorrow.

But hey, I was cheap, I had coupons and chose the cheapest phone. I love the blue display it has at least I can see it. I will get around this.

So now I had only spent 24.00 of my coupon windfall, so I browsed around found a nice organizer of all the junk on my desk at home, and a box of pens. A big box of pens! We will never be penless again. We can never find a pen in this house. Never. If we can, it doesn't have any ink in it. Or if we find one it's one of those asshole gel pens that write like chicken scratch. I have a shit load of good pens now, and I know they are good because I bought them for my company at work and they are smooth. But this may have been overkill for our home office because I think there are at least 40 pens in the box. But...hey I got them for free!! Do homeless people use pens? If so, I will donate.

Isn't it strange, what you will buy when you have a free coupon. If it would have been a free coupon at a grocery store I would have been on it like stink. Yes, I could have bought printer paper, ink, etc. But, I already have that all. I didn't need anything for a change.

Time to go...Desperate Housewife's is on. My only vice....well not my only one.


Poolie said...

Chopping frozen dog piss off the deck? Some people have all the fun!

Sally said...

So, what is your other vice? Just asking!! hahahaha

I am SURE that phone was made in another country; everything else is! I've bought so many of those gel pens that scratch; we never learn do we? Hey, you could send me one of the 40. :)

Have a great week!!

Brenda said...

I've chopped cotton before but I have yet to chop dog pee. :-) I do almost need a chisel to clean some of Odie's poo off the cage though.

I betcha you'll get an oriental voice when you call that 800 number too.

Nicole said...

Thank you for a very good laugh! Enjoyed reading your post...

Donna said...

Hahahaa...Ahgod...reading this is better than therapy...lololol