Sunday, January 25, 2009

Grumpy...enter at your own risk.

We are still in the deep freeze, no end in sight. It is making me grumpy. It takes a lot to make me be forewarned, this is a grumpy post.

I thought I would get a hair cut and a colour on Friday to boost my sagging spirits. It made me grumpier. Apparently what I tell a stylist to do, and what she thinks would be in my best interest...wins. While I like my hair on the short side, I never thought I would be shorne? like a sheep in spring. The colour is somewhat off as well. Blonde with grey highlights looks like what I got. Well, I will just have to do it MYSELF again. Grumpy.

Nothing is going right. I made a casserole for Sunday Night Supper...and I know it's going to taste like shit. I knew it going in. But, that did not stop me from making it. Because I wanted something warm and cozy with macaroni in it. I know full well once I bake it that f*cking macaroni will suck up every ounce of juice in the casserole; and I will be pissed off. Yes, I cooked the macaroni beforehand, but those little elbow carbs of hell suck like a leech sucking blood. I spread some Panko crumbs on top (mixed with a little olive oil and Parm cheese) hoping that we can just eat the crust along with a salad. We will see. Still Grumpy.

My wall phone in the kitchen is starting to piss me off. Whenever I hang up the phone, the entire thing falls to the floor if you aren't carefull. You have no idea how GRUMPY this makes me. I have to have filters on my phones in order to have DSL on my computer, and if you have a wall phone, they put this huge mother box on the wall.... but over the years it's holding ability to the phone on the wall has dimmed. So, I bought a desk phone, which I can put on my kitchen table. I have bought two of them and they both piss me off. I still have to plug them into the wall phone outlet and I have wires hanging everywhere. Grumpy. I took them back. I probably bitched about this before...but I'm too lazy to scroll back in the big black hole I call a blog. Grumpy.

I made a wall hanging yesterday. I love huge wall hangings. I have such large ceilings in this house, you need something large to scale it down. I have a few large frames ready to go, but finding the right pattern is always a problem. I finally found some material I liked. It's a little off beat..but it suits the living room. I spent an hour ironing it smooth yesterday, and then cut it out and stapled it to the frame. Score. It was just what I have been looking for. I put it up on the highest wall over the fireplace and it fit like a glove and made the room look nice and cosy. But, when evening fell (thud) and the light changed in the living room I could see it wasn't smooth at all and look a little lumpy. Grumpy..again. Now I have to take those big fricking staples out of the frame, re-iron it (it's cotton) and start from scratch. Grumpier.

I grow weary my friends.

But this is all shit that can be fixed. I shouldn't sweat the small stuff. It could be a hundred times worse. We could be sick and dying. But the endless cold starves my brain from seeing the big picture right now. Grumpy.

But, I did manage to take a few pics this afternoon when the cold sun was shining in the front windows. Many moons ago, my mom bought me a planter that had mirror slats around it. And when the sun hits them they look fabulous.....this pic does not make me feel actually saved me from drinking in the afternoon.

The plant needs some serious help, but I just transplanted it so it should grow. It was too close the the door and I think it got some frost bite.

Pretty cool. My mom gave me two of them, but I don't know whatever happened to the other one. I'm getting a little happier helps. I will take a pic of the wall hanging above the fireplace once I get the bugs out of it.

The chicken casserole is calling my name...oy...Gord will probably say it's good, but "hey" he is always way too kind.

I'm feeling a little better now. But if this weather keeps on like this, you might want to take me off your fav's list.


Sally said...

Well, I entered at my own risk! I LOVE the pictures - they are simply gorgeous and could win PRIZES somewhere - I don't know where, but they could. Hey, you don't sound any grumpier than usual to me. hahahaha

Have a great week - and oh yeah, I can relate to the "shorn" look, but it's easy and I'm all about that these days! :)

Brenda said...

I've been using the same hair stylist for about 35 years, I'm so lucky, don't know what I'll ever do if she retires.

I love your planter! The sun rays reflecting from it are beautiful!

Want me to send our Beans up to you to cheer you up?

Coachdad said...

What a beautiful your header and title. Great blog!

Nicole said...

I love to read other people's grumpy posts! It's not just me!! Again you have made me laugh. Thank you.

Donna said...

I want some Happy around here!!LOL...and I'll bet that haircut looks Wonderful! You're too modest. And your cooking Always sounds good...Want juicy noodles? Just add more juice about 5 minutes before you eat...Now I want something with noodles in it...The planter is gorgeous. Your Mom had good taste!
Now straighten Could be in Waco Texas cleaning out the men's bathroom...LOL..hughugs

Auntie Poola said...

Totally magic sparkles! The are un-grumpy magic rays!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Grumpy!!! And I am keeping you on my fave list!!

Joan said...

Well, okay then. I try to turn this frown upside down:)

Joan said...

But I forgot to tell you my dog shit in two places in the house today. So I still not where I should be mentally.

Hi Coachdad...thanks, and thanks for dropping in. Sorry I made you follow the dog shit story. Droppings all over in here now...

Mary Lou said...

LOLOLOL You always make me laugh!