Sunday, January 02, 2005

Another Freaking Storm!

By the time we left my brothers house last night around 9:30 at least 5 inches of snow had fallen and we had to drive all the way across town to get home. It was a hairy ride....not only because of the snow, but because I decided to be a backseat driver. Gord wanted to take the perimeter around the city to get home because it was shorter, but I wanted to go through the city just in case the perimeter was shut down. I won...and the ride home was pretty quite....sometimes victory isn't so sweet. I shudda kept my mouth shut...he is a good driver and I should have trusted his judgement. I'm such a nag sometimes...and can't keep my big mouth shut.

So, needless to say we had to shovel our way out of the front door again this morning, and Gord is out once again with his "blade"...clearing snow at our shop. Once I get the hang of that dang "Hello"...which keeps sayin "Goodbye" to me, I will send some snow pics.

I just got back from taking Penny Loafer...out for a crispy walk. She was getting a little antsy with having to be inside for so long. She was so cute, the sidewalks had just been plowed creating huge banks on each side, and she kept on stopping and sitting up trying to look over them. I think it scared her a bit. For her it must be like walking thru a tunnel, she only a short assed little dog!

My girlfriend is coming over tonight with our house plans. We bought a piece of property this summer on the outskirts of the city, and are building a house. We are going to downsize, as our house is huge and inconvienent. It's a 4 level split and the stairs are making me crazy. Hey, once ya hit need a bungalow! We don't even use half of this house. We basically only use the upper level where the master bedroom, bath, family room and kitchen are located. The other three levels hardly get used, but of course it still all has to be vaccumed etc. Lots of work for nuttin. So, ole hippy girlfriend is drawing me up a nice cottage type bungalow. Building this house should be an experience. Gord and I can't even agree which route to take home from a visit, nevermind agreeing on all that has to be agreed upon in building a home. Scarey!! Every house we have owned was already built; which makes it easy to envision with your furnishings etc....but my brain is wayyyy to small to transfer what is on a drawing to real life. So, if the house ever gets built..and if our marriage survives will be a miracle!

I was going to take down the Christmas tree today, but instead I started twenty projects that I will not complete..just in order not to have to take it down. I have to go back to work tomorrow, so I guess it will have to wait till next Saturday...which will piss me off because I will have to rush around getting it done. Whose worst ememy am I?....

To all of you who have been so kind as to comment on my post...would you mind sending me the url to your blogs? I sure would like to see them.

Off to make some Lasagne...before girlfriend gets here and we get into a little wine:)

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Mary Lou said...

I forget that blogger comments are so have mine already, but I will give it again.

Where are you located? I forgot. I am thinking Winnepeg...